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Quuu Reviews

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Use = 9.8

Value For Money = 9.7

Customer Support = 9.5

Features = 9.0


  • Easy way to quickly get your content shared by thousands of social media users
  • Options to do it manually or fully automate the process
  • Boosts SEO signals, brand reputation, and increases website visits


  • May not have as much impact on your follower numbers as you might expect
  • No option to target your content to specific locations
Quuu Promote review – need to share your articles across social media to boost your exposure, followers, and SEO? That’s what this innovative tool promises.

We’ve been using Quuu Promote since the days where it was a manual process of submitting each article one by one. They’ve now massively upgraded their platform to be feed driven and there’s even a hand-off, done-for-you option.

We’re going to explain what Quuu can do for you, and show you what it’s already done for us as we conduct a full Quuu Promote review…

At A Glance

Quuu website

So, Quuu Promote gets your content shared across hundreds of social media accounts in just a few clicks? You’d be forgiven if you’re assuming that means they use a load of junk, low quality accounts to do this.

But actually, the accounts that share your content and give you mentions are all ran by real people. Some of which have tens of thousands of real followers.

What We Like About Quuu Promote:

  • Hands off way to get more exposure on social media
  • Unlimited shares, unlimited clicks and unlimited mentions
  • Helps to grow your social followers and boost SEO signals
  • Add your own posts or use the automatic option for ease
  • Specify up to 9 post variations (3 per network) for more natural-looking shares
  • Get reports that show how many clicks and shares you’ve had

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test out the service for a month without any financial risk.

Quuu works across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and you can specify up to 3 different post variations for each platform.

You also get to choose a category for your post so you can target the most relevant users to share your content.

Of course, if you’re on the Automated plan, the Quuu team will take care of all of this for you.

However you do it, that’s a lot of potential reach you can gain. Plus, every share, every mention, every click is helping to tell the search engines that you’re an authority source on your subject. That gives you some pretty strong SEO juice.

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Here Are Some Of Our Quuu Promote Results…

Look, no Quuu Promote review would be complete if the reviewer hasn’t shown you some of THEIR results. So, here are some of ours…

(Note: Results do vary depending on your niche. Our results below are fairly average. You may get less than this, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get much more too!)

Our First Promotion – 1.2k Shares, 480 Clicks (And Counting!)

Results of using Quuu

This was the first-ever article we promoted on Quuu and we weren’t really sure what to expect. However, we got a pretty good response as people seemed to like the content.

We’re currently at over 1.2k shares and almost 500 clicks through to our website. That’s all from something which literally took 2 minutes to setup. Plus, there are still another 102 days remaining so it’s not finished yet!

In case you’re wondering, here’s the article we were promoting (opens in new tab).

A Complex Legal Post – 1.1k Shares, 378 Clicks (And Counting!)

Exposure gained with Quuu

We weren’t too sure how well this one would get picked up as the subject isn’t quite as exciting as naming a business. Yet, we have been pleasantly surprised.

This Quuu promotion has generated almost 1.2k shares and 378 clicks. That’s pretty good going and it has a few weeks longer left to run then the previous example.

It’s worth pointing out that most of your shares and clicks will come within the first week or two. However, you’ll continue to see the shares and clicks slowly counting up over the length of the promotion.

And in case you want to have a read, you can see this article here (opens in new tab).

A Dry Accountancy Post – 866 Shares, 188 Clicks (And Counting!)

Quuu success story

Now, disclaimer time. This isn’t one of our best promotions. You can see that from the slightly lower number of shares and clicks.

However, the subject is pretty dry and very UK-orientated so it’s perhaps not surprising. That said, it’s still pretty impressive that such a post can generate well over 800 shares and almost 200 clicks while still having around 4 months left to run!

If you want to read this article, you can do so here (opens in new tab).

What About Followers?

If you’ve got this far in our Quuu Promote review, you can probably already see the benefits it provides in terms of social shares (and therefore, potential SEO boosts), and traffic to your website. Imagine getting the results above (or better) on every single post you create.

What would that mean to your business?

No doubt, that alone will give you enough returns to make Quuu Promote a no-brainer already, right?

But there’s one other thing to mention. The impact on your follower numbers.

We have to be honest here and say we haven’t seen any major impact on our number of followers. Most people tend to like and share, maybe click through to read the article but don’t actually start following our feeds.

Now, this could be our industry, or it could be something we’re doing wrong (after all, we know others are seeing success here). It’s not a major problem for us as we get so much benefit from the shares and clicks that it’s still extremely cost-effective.

However, if you’re primarily after new followers, our own experience so far means we’d have to suggest you consider if Quuu Promote is right for you.

Quuu Promote Pricing

Quuu pricing

We’re now going to move onto the pricing. You’ve seen what it can do for your business, now let’s look at whether it’s worth it.

As mentioned at the start of our Quuu Promote review, the platform used to be a self-serve platform. You had to submit every article you wanted to promote and write the posts yourself. You then had a credit system and paid for each post with your credits.

That’s all changed now to a simpler monthly fee.

We prefer that approach as it makes it much easier for you to budget and it works out more cost-effective if you have a few posts you want to promote.

Here are your two options:

Fully Automated

Most people are probably going to be interested in this option. It’s a complete hands-off solution. All you have to do is add your website’s feed URL and Quuu will take care of everything for you.

Up to 2 posts every day will be promoted, and Quuu will create 3 variations of text for each social network on your behalf. They’ll include relevant #hashtags and tag in the author to help boost followers.

Plus, when you first subscribe they’ll do this for 10 of your past articles, giving you an instant boost.

The cost of this is $75 USD per site, per month. There’s no option to pay in GBP but don’t let that put you off. After all, each promotion gives you unlimited shares and clicks and will run for as long as the post is relevant.

Plus, there’s a 30-day money guarantee so there’s no risk on your part.


If you prefer the control of doing everything yourself, and you want a bit more control over the posts that are being shared, the manual option if for you.

At the time of our Quuu Promote review it was priced at $50 per site, per month, making it $25 cheaper than the automated version. For that, you essentially get the same of everything, apart from you have to do it all yourself.

That means you choose which posts to promote, write the text variations for them and add your own hashtags and mentions.

Now, for us, the extra $25 a month for the automated version is worth its weight in gold. It saves so much time and effort it’s hard not to see the value. However, we completely get why some may prefer the control offered by the manual option.

Quuu Promote reviews from customers: 

Quuu is an incredibly helpful tool for those in marketing looking to get their brand out in the reach of influencers, without having to dedicate too much time or effort in the process.

Quuu has significantly raised both social media and website traffic, solely through their media sharing platform.

Verified User via 5-star G2 Crowd review.

Advantages of Quuu Promote

Advantages of Quuu

We’ve already covered a lot of advantages in this Quuu Promote review so we’ll keep this section relatively short.

In essence, the key advantages you can expect are…

More Social Shares

Each post you promote on Quuu is likely to get shared by lots of relevant people in your industry.

That has obvious benefits in terms of boosting your exposure and perceived popularity on social media.

Since your popularity on social media is also thought to have an impact on your organic search rankings, the extra social shares may also help boost your rankings!

More Website Visitors

You’ve seen from our examples that each post you share can generate hundreds of clicks. We have no doubt that with the right content, in the right industry, you could probably generate thousands of clicks.

Each click is another visitor to your website. That means another visitor who may read more of your content, subscribe to your email list, click on an ad, or buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Time Saved

Whether you take the automated option or the manual one, you’ll be saving a lot of time using Quuu.

Imagine reaching out to thousands of other social media accounts and asking them to share your content. How long would that take and how much success would you get?

That’s where Quuu is a huge time saver, you simply couldn’t do what it does without spending thousands of hours of your time.

Of course, you save the most time on the automated option, but even the manual one allows you to do something that’s simply unthinkable without Quuu.

The Disadvantages

Any Quuu Promote review that doesn’t cover the disadvantages isn’t doing it’s job properly! After all, nothing is ever perfect and Quuu promote is no different.

For all the plus points, here are the main downsides…

Firstly, we already mentioned that we haven’t seen much impact on our follower numbers. Whether this is our industry, our content, or something else we’re doing wrong we aren’t quite sure.

Secondly, there’s no option to target your promotions at specific countries. That means you may have a post targeted exclusively at a UK audience that’s getting shared by people overseas. While this isn’t a major problem, it does mean some of your traffic won’t be as targeted as you’d like.

The final major disadvantage, at least for UK users, is that the pricing is in USD. While this is pretty common with tools like this, it does mean you’ll have to factor in any additional bank fees or exchange rate costs. Still, they should be minimal enough that it doesn’t make a big difference.

Quuu Promote Review – Summary 

Dashboard of Quuu

So, reaching the end of our Quuu Promote review, what have we learned?

Well, as we already knew from our experience here at Business4Beginners, Quuu Promote is a fantastic tool for quickly boost exposure on social media, improving your SEO efforts, and generating new visits to your website.

The fact there’s an automated option that gives you all the benefits without any real effort means it’s a serious tool that we feel should be part of any online marketing toolkit.

The only real downsides are the fact you might not get as many new followers as you may hope, and that you can’t target promotions to individual countries. However, these issues shouldn’t detract from what is otherwise a really valuable, extremely cost-effective tool.

For that reason, as long-term customers ourselves, we can thoroughly recommend Quuu Promote for any business wanting to quickly and easily boost their social media efforts.

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