The Best Self-Employed Accounting Software For UK Businesses in 2024

Best accounting software for UK businesses

In this guide, you’ll discover why you need this software, what accounts you need to keep and our top picks for the best self-employed accounting software for businesses in the UK. We’ve been self-employed since 2009 and have collected lots of experience in using different self-employed accounting software in that time. Our reviews are all … Read more

The Benefits of Having Management Accounts Prepared for a Small Business

Benefits of having management accounts

Management accounts are a secret weapon for small businesses – yet they are only used by a tiny fraction of businesses in the UK. Find out the benefits of having management accounts for your small business. By helping you track, record and report all finances in a personalised way, management accounts are a great way to … Read more

How Do Dividends Work In The UK?

How do dividends work in the UK?

Running your own business and want to extract money in the most tax-efficient way possible? We look at how do dividends work in the UK to help you succeed.

What Are Business Rates? A Guide For Small Businesses In The UK

What Are Business Rates

Business rates are one of the oldest UK taxes, which apply to all business premises in the UK. Even if you’re working from home, you could be liable for paying business rates on the part of your home which you use for your business – so they are an important aspect to get right.  Make sure … Read more

The Difference Between Accrual vs Cash Accounting Explained

The Difference Between Accrual vs Cash Accounting Explained

As of April 2024, cash accounting will become the default method for self-assessment tax returns in an effort to make the tax process easier.  However, businesses can still choose to opt out of cash accounting and opt for accrual accounting instead. No matter which option is selected, being able to stay on top of your … Read more

Micro-Entity Accounts Explained

Micro-Entity Accounts Explained

Some small businesses can be classified as micro-entities, allowing them to file simpler accounts – discover what micro-entity accounts are and more here.