The Best Self-Employed Accounting Software For UK Businesses

Best accounting software for UK businesses

Accounting has to be one of the most hated and feared parts of any business. But sadly, there’s no escaping it. It’s completely essential that your accounts are up to date, accurate and submitted on time.  If you don’t, your business could face dire consequences. In fact, you can be fined £100 if your tax … Read more

Bookkeeping For Beginners

Bookkeeping For Beginners

Written with business owners in mind, this post explains how you can best manage your accounting and bookkeeping needs in a way that suits your business.

How Do Dividends Work In The UK?

How do dividends work in the UK?

Running your own business and want to extract money in the most tax-efficient way possible? We look at how do dividends work in the UK to help you succeed.

FreeAgent Referral Code 2020

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How An Accountant Can Help Your Business Succeed

How An Accountant Can Help A Business Succeed

Whether you just started your new company or are running an established business, you will probably spend most of your day thinking about how to make it succeed. With orders come mundane chores such as organizing your invoices, receipts, and taxes. The accounting side of running a business can be quite, well, taxing. As your … Read more