About Us

Business4Beginners was founded in September 2013 with the intention to provide small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with the advice they need to be successful in their ventures.

With a particular focus on helping businesses succeed online, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer free, impartial advice on all things small business.

As we have no products of our own to sell, we can remain fully impartial and offer some of the most trusted product and service reviews in the B2B industry.

Our Story

Why did we start Business4Beginners? Simple. Our founder, Paul, first started his own business in 2009. He quickly found that when it came to reliable, trustworthy advice, there was very little to help startup companies.

The vast majority of sites out there were owned by companies who had their own products and services to push. And so, by 2013, Business4Beginners was born.

Initially, our focus was on the company formation process. Helping sole traders take the decision whether they should setup a limited company or not, and then helping them to form their first company.

Since then, Business4Beginners has expanded into all manner of subjects including accounting, law, online marketing, and industry news. This has made us a one-stop shop for all budding entrepreneurs.

About Our Founder

Our founder, Paul, remains the main driver of all content on the Business4Beginners website. Not only has he started several successful businesses, but he’s also held a range of positions at growing companies.

He started his career as a category manager, devising marketing plans for some of the UK’s leading supermarkets before entering the online world managing several online health supplements.

His next role saw him become an affiliate manager, before he eventually specialised in conversion rate optimisation, going on to work with the likes of Dyson, Lloyds Bank, Top Cashback, and more.

His own businesses included products in the health industry, a company formation agent, and various affiliate-based websites. He has since sold all of these interests and now dedicates his time to a portfolio of independent consumer advice websites that includes Business4Beginners.

Paul is supported by a team of writers who each have their own extensive experience in the business world.

How Do We Make Money?

Business4Beginners Office

You’re probably wondering how we finance the many costs that go into operating site like Business4Beginners if we don’t have our own services to push?

Naturally, all successful sites need to make money in order to survive and we are no different. We make some money from banner advertising, though as you may have noticed, we try and keep ads as unintrusive as possible.

We, therefore, make use of affiliate marketing too. This allows us to earn a small commission when you click some of our links and go on to buy a product or service from the partner. It does not affect the price you pay and it does not affect our rating or recommendation of the product or service.

In fact, in many cases we recommend products and services we do not have an affiliate agreement with over those that we do!

Lost the buzz for your business?

Starting a business is exciting. Succeeding is rewarding. The bit between is hard, repetitive, and full of self-doubt. 

The Lonely Middle Club (From Business4Beginners) helps you through it:

Get support and advice from other small business owners

Remove the self-doubt that’s holding your business back

Learn techniques and strategies to grow your business faster

Be inspired with our exclusive ‘swipe’ file and AI-powered tools

No pressure – work at YOUR pace, towards YOUR goals

Where To Go Next:

Having now familiarised yourself with how Business4Beginners got started, who is behind it, and what our goals are, you’re ready to delve deeper into the content we offer.

What you should read next will depend greatly on where you are in your business journey...

If you’re still operating as a sole trader, we’d recommend starting by reading our guide on the advantages of being a sole trader.

If you’ve decided you need to register a new limited company, our company formation agent reviews will come in extremely handy.

If you’re here to try and improve your bookkeeping and brush up on your accountancy knowledge, check out our guide to best accountancy software available.

Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for helping in understanding how to market your business online, check out our online business articles.

Whatever you choose, good luck in your future endeavours and many thanks for allowing us to be part of your journey.