Hike SEO Review: Improve Your Rankings, Step-By-Step

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Hike SEO review

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Use = 9.8

Value For Money = 9.2

Customer Support = 9.7

Services Available = 9.4


  • Personalised step-by-step instructions make it perfect for beginners
  • Customisable to fit your schedule
  • 14-day money-back guarantee + 50% off your first month


  • Not suitable for more advanced SEO experts
  • No option to try it for free

(Join using the link above to save 50% off your first month)

Hike SEO review – made specifically for small businesses with beginner-level Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knowledge, this platform offers a really easy-to-follow customised step-by-step process to improve search engine rankings.

We first came across Hike SEO several years ago and were amazed back then at how good their platform was at simplifying the whole process of search engine optimisation.

Since then, they have improved further by adding AI-powered analysis that acts like your own personal consultant, albeit at a fraction of the cost of what human input would cost you.

We’ll go into more detail about how the platform works in a moment, but first, let’s summarise our Hike SEO review…

At A Glance

If you lack the knowledge needed to do effective SEO for your small business, but you can’t afford the extortionate fees agencies and consultants usually charge, Hike SEO is for you.

What We Like About Hike SEO:

  • Analyses your website to provide customised step-by-step instructions
  • Includes time-estimates so you easily fit the workload into your schedule
  • Helps create your SEO strategy, then implement it stress-free
  • Actionable suggestions for keywords, content, technical SEO, backlinks, and more
  • Works on all types of websites
  • No long-term contracts and a full 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 50% off your first month

What will appeal to many business owners about Hike SEO is the simplicity it offers. SEO can be a very broad and complex topic, yet it’s an essential activity for any business that want’s to be seen online.

Hike SEO has a knack for making the complex simple, with clear actionable recommendations of where to focus your time.

It also has lots of tutorial videos and articles so you always know not just ‘what’ to do, but ‘how’ to do it too.

Even the pricing is extremely simple with just a single pricing plan that’s billed monthly or annually and includes everything you need, as well as live chat and email support.

Plus, you can easily see the results your efforts are producing with regular reports and with the automatic tracking of where your website is ranking for your targeted keywords.

Put simply, we haven’t seen a better SEO platform for small businesses – EVER (and we’ve worked in online marketing since 2006!).

What Services Do Hike SEO offer? 

Hike SEO Reviews

(Join using the link above to save 50% off your first month)

At the time of writing this Hike SEO review, the platform mostly revolves around the day-to-day, week-to-week, or month-to-month (depending on what your schedule allows) tasks you need to do to improve your rankings.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is only a step-by-step platform. Hike SEO offers much more than that.

For starters, it’s also a keyword research tool. You can use it to check search volumes and competition levels for keywords related to your business. Plus, the built-in AI will help suggest new keywords and help you decide which keywords are worth targeting for your business.

If you need to add more content, you can use the built-in AI content wizard to generate SEO-friendly content for your website.

When you want to check how your website is looking, you can run audits and reports to see precisely where you stand and identify what you should focus on improving next.

If you’re a local business, you can use Hike SEO for local SEO too, with several powerful features dedicated to helping you improve your chances for showing up for ‘near me’ related searches.

And, given the importance of backlinks in the SEO world, Hike SEO has tools to help you track your existing backlinks, and seek out new opportunities to get more links to your website.

If learning is your thing, the included Hike SEO Academy will help you understand the many different facets of SEO and how they apply to your business.

All in all, our Hike SEO review has found this is a platform that is absolutely jam-packed with features. Yet, somehow, they have been so carefully thought-out that it retains it’s simplicity and has a very short learning curve even if you’ve never done SEO before.

How Does Hike SEO Work?

How Hike SEO Works

As there is only one package available, Hike SEO is extremely simply to start using. Your only decision is whether to sign-up to a monthly plan, or save some cash by opting to pay annually.

In either case, you’re protected by the 14-day money-back guarantee.

Once inside, you’ll need to start by shaping your strategy. Don’t worry though, this is much simpler than it first sounds!

Essentially, you just need to choose the keywords you’d like your website to rank for in the search engines. If you’re not sure, the platform will suggest some for you or you can add your competitors URLs to see which keywords they’re ranking for.

At this point, you can then add more details about your strategy, such as the type of content you want to create, or you can simply move on to the ‘Actions’ section.

The ‘Actions’ section is where we feel the real magic of Hike SEO happens. Here you will see exactly what you should work on next.

You can decide exactly how much time you want to spend on SEO each month, and the platform will automatically suggest the tasks you need to that will give you the best results from the time you have available.

Each task or action includes a clear indication of how long it should take, along with clear instructions of what to do and how to do it. Most are also backed up with further articles or videos so you’re never left in any doubt.

Over time, simply following the recommendation actions each month should start to improve your SEO and see your site rise up the search results for your target keywords.

At any time you can add new keywords and the platform will continue to analyse, learn, and recommend what to do next.

When Hike SEO recommends producing new content, you can either write it yourself, or use the built-in AI to help generate the content for you – saving you bags of time.

If the platform identifies that you need to improve the backlinks pointing to your website, Hike SEO has an entire section with tools to monitor existing backlinks and find new ones.

Or, if Local SEO is your priority, you can jump into the suite of tools that help you optimise your Google Business Profile (formerly known as ‘Google My Business’) quickly and easily.

Put simply, once you’ve setup your strategy, the Actions section is where you’ll get all the powerful step-by-step instructions to improve your rankings. For many businesses, this will be all they need. But for those who need even more, tools like the AI content generator, Local SEO tools, and backlink tools add the extra cherry on top.

Hike SEO pricing

Hike SEO Pricing

(Join using the link above to save 50% off your first month)

As we mentioned earlier in our Hike SEO review, there is only one very simply pricing plan that all small businesses use (unless you need agency-level features).

You only have to decide whether you want to pay month-to-month, or whether you’d prefer to pay each year to save a whopping 40%.

The good news is that, whichever payment option you choose, you’ll get a full 14-day money-back guarantee. Plus, there are no lengthy contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Better yet, our Hike SEO review didn’t find any hidden fees. The company behind the platform is very transparent and the team very friendly and helpful – exactly what you need as a busy small business owner!

Hike SEO reviews from customers: 

“Finally, an SEO tool that is user-friendly and helps you identify what content to produce. Love it.” 

Darren P via Facebook

“Excellent customer service! I like being hands on with my website and we are a small business so every penny counts. Hike is allowing me to increase SEO and stay within budget.” 

Kelly B via Facebook

“Absolutely brilliant! I’m so impressed – amazing platform, I’ve learnt so much and excellent for someone who’s not a techy! highly highly recommended!!” 

Lara Z via Facebook

The Advantages

Hike SEO Advantages

(Join using the link above to save 50% off your first month)

During our in-depth review of Hike SEO, we looked into pretty much all of the different features they offer and were very impressed with pretty much everything we saw.

We love the way it has been created specifically for small business owners by people who understand exactly what small businesses need to perfect their SEO.

That means there’s no fluff or over-complication. Instead, you simply get an easy way to ensure good SEO practices are being followed on your website, without having to dedicate lots of time to it.

In fact, even if you only have a couple of hours to spare each month for SEO, you can still see the results. Though in general, the more time you spend, the faster you can expect to see the results.

The recommended steps are also fully customised to both your website, and your workload, which means the experience closely mirrors what you might get from a consultant – though at a much much cheaper rate!

We love the way Hike SEO have implemented AI technology too and this further adds to the feel that this is more of a personal consultant rather than simply a self-service platform.

The fact there is a 14-day money-back guarantee is great if you have any reservations. This gives you a chance to try out the platform and make sure it meets your needs without any long-term financial risk.

However, keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy and so the 14-day trial won’t be enough for you to see if Hike SEO will bring you any tangible results.

The Disadvantages

Of course, no Hike SEO review would be complete without an honest look at the disadvantages of the platform.

Firstly, this is very much a platform designed for people with limited SEO skills. That means if you’re something of an SEO expert who is looking for advanced tools and data analysis, this isn’t the right platform for you.

It’s also perhaps a little disappointing that there’s no trial period available. Yes, the money-back guarantee helps, but a free trial option, or perhaps a free tier would be really beneficial to test out what’s on offer without having to provide payment details.

The best we can do is suggest you use our link to receive a 50% discount on your first month, with the 14-day money0back guarantee still in full effect.

However, on the whole these are relatively minor concerns and we do not feel they are anything that should put off the vast majority of small businesses considering using Hike SEO.

The Hike SEO Guarantee

Hike Guarantee

Several times throughout this Hike SEO review we’ve mentioned the fact there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. This is great to know, but what does it mean, exactly?

Too often, we see sites promising your money back if you’re not happy, only to then attach a number a things you must do in order to have any chance of qualifying for your money back.

We are pleased to report that that is absolutely not the case with Hike SEO. In the unlikely case you’re not happy with the platform, all it takes is one email to their support and, providing you make the request within 14 days of joining, they’ll refund your entire payment without any hassle.

Hike SEO Review – Summary 

It seems rare these days to find really good products that are designed specifically for small businesses. Most go chasing after the big-spending larger companies by producing highly technical, advanced products.

However, our Hike SEO review has shown that this is a platform that is putting small businesses very much at the front of their thoughts.

It’s really nicely put together and the easy step-by-step nature of it almost makes a mockery of people who have said that SEO is complicated. It certainly doesn’t feel that way when you have Hike SEO by your side.

Think of it as your own personal sidekick or consultant that perfectly understands your website, your knowledge-level, and your time-constraints.

The end result is the ability to improve your search engine rankings (yes, even on Google!) and help deliver more of the type of visitor that your business needs.

It’s packed full of powerful features without losing the simplicity and still costs a fraction of some of the better-known (yet over-complicated) SEO tools out there.

All in all, if you want to do SEO for your business but don’t have the budget to spend thousands on expensive agencies or consultants, we can wholeheartedly recommend Hike SEO as your likely best solution.

(Join using the link above to save 50% off your first month)

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