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Pento Reviews

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Setup = 9.2

Value For Money = 9.0

Customer Support = 9.6

Features = 9.5


  • Integration with other software
  • Automated payments to HMRC
  • Fully cloud-based payroll product
  • Payday takes minutes


  • No prices on the website

Pento Review – Payroll software is a very useful tool for small businesses, because it can make paying staff so much quicker and easier.

And it’s cheaper and quicker than using an outsourced payroll provider.

In our Pento review we will look at the features this payroll software offers to see if you can really run payroll in just a few clicks as they claim.

At A Glance

Pento is a fully cloud-based payment software that automates all tasks of the payroll process, so you don’t have to spend days to ensure your staff is paid. Payments to employees will only need a few clicks, which we really like, because it leaves you time to grow your business.

Because Pento is fully integrated with HMRC, reports and payments will be sent automatically.

So, you don’t need to worry about missing a deadline or submitting incorrect reports. You can have absolute peace of mind, which is definitely an advantage.

And you can also integrate Pento with other providers, such as pension providers or accounting platforms. This means you don’t have to enter the same information more than once. This is a huge time saver.

The initial setup could take some time, especially if you have more employees. But they have great customer support who will guide you through it.

What Features Do Pento Offer?

Pento Review

The most important thing when it comes to buying payroll software is the features you will get. And that’s why our Pento review is having a closer look at the features the software offers.

Pento has a pure focus on payroll, so let’s see if they do it well.

With Pento you can do everything you need to pay your staff easily and correctly. Here are some of the features we like best:

  • Automatic payments through API – all salary payments and payments to HMRC, such as PAYE and NIC, are calculated and automatically sent. No more manual bank transfers. We love this, because it will minimise errors.
  • Integration with other software – Pento can be connected to accounting software, pension software and HR software. So information only needs to be entered once.
  • Customer support – you get free full customer support, so problems are solved quickly. And their development team is also on hand, in case you need something, the software can’t yet do.
  • Fully automated pay run – with a few clicks you can complete the pay run quickly and with ease. It only takes minutes per month running the whole process.
  • Payslips and other documents – the software will automatically create payslips and P45s, P60s, etc. and send them securely to your staff. That doesn’t only save time, but also money, as you won’t have to print them out any more.
  • Real-time changes – you can make changes as they occur, so your system is always up-to-date, even if this is a day before pay-day.

Pento offers more features, but these are the most useful ones that will make your life much easier. You can find all the features on their website.

Because Pento is fully cloud based, you can access the system at any time from anywhere. So you can work the way you want to.

Is Pento HMRC Approved?

When you are paying taxes using software, you want to make sure that it’s connected to HMRC, so that there aren’t any issues that could result in fines and penalties for your. 

So, in our Pento review we also check if their payroll software is approved by HMRC.

While Pento is not on the official list of payroll software that is approved by HMRC, it is linked to the tax authority, so that payments can be made and reports sent automatically.

The reason they are not officially approved, might be because they are a Danish company.

It is worth saying, that Pento complies fully with GDPR data protection regulations, so you don’t need to worry about storing confidential and personal data with them.


Pento Fees

No Pento review would be complete without looking at prices, because costs are an important factor when you try to decide which payroll software to go with.

We have found that Pento has no set fees or packages, as they operate a system, where you tell them about your payroll needs, and they give you a price that is tailored to your business.

You are asked for details about your company, such as name and contact details and how many employees you have. Then you will get a call from them to discuss what they can offer you.

They are willing to offer a free trial in some cases, which is worth asking for. Because this means you can try out the software for free to see if it will meet your needs.

Integration Into HR Platform

One of the worst things is having different systems for different parts of your business. Because when you have to transfer information to one system to another, errors can occur, and it’s also a lot of work.

Pento will integrate with your accounting software, HR system and pensions software, so that you don’t have to duplicate information. 

We think this is great, because it means you can continue to use the systems you have already in place. 

The systems that are compatible with Pento include:

  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Bamboo HR
  • People’s Pension
  • HiBob
  • Smart Pension

Customer Support

About Pento

When you are dealing with payments to your staff and tax authorities, you want to know that there is help on hand when you need it.

Therefore, our Pento review looks at the customer support they offer.

There is a dedicated customer service team that will help you quickly if any issues occur. Current customers mention the great customer support a lot in their reviews.

We really love the fact, that Pento offers great customer service, because without it, dealing with payroll software could be a nightmare. Especially if something goes wrong, close to or on payday. 

They also have a development team, which listens to customer feedback and makes changes and improvements to the platform to further improve the customer experience.

There is also dedicated onboarding support. This means you get help with setting everything up. This takes out the hassle of having to start to use a new system.


Our Pento review found, that as part of their customer service, they offer a host of resources, which customers can access for free.

For example, they provide case studies, where customers tell of their journey with Pento and what their experiences were like. This can be very helpful to read, as it can show you how your journey could go.

They also run a blog on their website, where they inform customers about updates to the software, but also blog posts with information around payroll and Pento.

But now, let’s see what else their customers have to say about them.

Pento Reviews From Customers:

Whatever you want to buy, new headphones or software, looking at customer reviews can be a great help. Because people who already use the product, share their experience with it.

That’s why, in our Pento review, we look at what customers said in their reviews about the payroll software provider.

Overall, they have great reviews. While a lot of them come from companies in Denmark, there are also UK ones. And some Danish companies are using Pento for managing the payroll of their UK staff.

The majority of customers have positively highlighted the following:

  • quick and friendly customer support and technical support
  • how easy and intuitive the software is to use
  • how fast and easy payroll has become
  • integration with other systems saves time

While there are also some negative reviews, these are few and far between and are easily outweighed by the positive reviews.

So much better and faster than the outsourcing we used to do, wish we had this years ago.

5-Star review from Hannah via Trustpilot

Pento makes salary a pleasure. Especially compared to other tools we’ve used previously. With the click of a button it’s done in a matter of seconds. Absolutely recommendable.

4-Star review from Kristian Goul Møller via Trustpilot

Pento TV Advert:

The Advantages

Now that we have had a good look at the features, fees and other aspects, we will summarise the benefits for you, so that you can use this Pento review for your decision-making.

Pento automates all tasks to make your life easier, whether you have four or a hundred employees. This includes automatic bank payments, reports and payments to HMRC, distribution of payslips and, most importantly of all, the pay run itself.

What could take days of manual work for your finance team when you outsource your payroll to an external payroll company, could take as little as five minutes with Pento.

With Pento being fully cloud-based, you can have access whenever, wherever and work the way you want to. You also have all relevant documents in one place, and they comply with data protection regulations, so there is no need to worry about storing confidential data with them.

Their excellent customer support is definitely an advantage and their overall very positive customer reviews show that they have many happy customers.

The Disadvantages

During the research for our Pento review, we couldn’t find many disadvantages to be honest.

They don’t have any fixed fees or packages, which means you have to provide your information before you can find out what costs would be involved.

This means you might be wasting your time, if you find out their terms won’t work for you. 

Pento Review – Summary

After drilling deep into the offering of Pento, here is a summary of our findings.

This payroll software seems to fulfil their claim and making payroll a quick and easy affair. 

Given the overwhelmingly great customer reviews, we are happy to recommend this payroll software. 

If you are new to payroll and want to learn more, you can read our payroll guide.

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