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Frase Reviews

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Use = 9.7

Value For Money = 9.7

Customer Support = 9.8

Features = 9.6


  • Easily create better content and briefs to outrank your competitors
  • Wide range of different use-cases make it a very flexible tool
  • Answer engine provides another dimension of possible benefits


  • All of the prices are in USD
  • As a relatively new tool it may still be prone to the occasional bug
Frase review – whether you’re considering using the platform to boost your content marketing strategy, or you’re intrigued by the Answer Bot, you’re in for a treat.

We’ve only been using Frase for a few weeks but are blown away by the power it offers. It’s also got LOADS of flexibility too, as you’ll see when we show you how we’re using it ourselves. But first…

At A Glance

What is Frase exactly? That’s a fair question as their website focuses mostly on their Answer Bot, yet that’s only a fraction of what they offer. Here’s a quick and dirty version.

What We Like About

  • Discover questions your target audience are asking (even outside of Google)
  • Filter results by domain name or target country
  • Easily create powerful article briefs in a few seconds
  • Scan the web for sources and ideas to boost creativity
  • Perfect existing content and boost your SEO
  • Answer visitor questions and increase conversions

So, that’s quite a wide and varied list and shows a glimpse of some of the things Frase is capable of. however, as this Frase review will show, there’s much more to it than that. The number of use cases is truly staggering.

Frase content dashboard

There’s also a free trial available. That means you can test out the tools in the platform yourself, without any restrictions.

Once you’re staisfied it lives up to expectations, there are three paid plans available. Two of these are for the content side of the platform, the third one includes the Answer Bot, or ‘Answer Engine’ as they call it.

That means there are options no matter what your size or budget. Perhaps the only disappointing thing is that prices are charged in USD, there’s no automatic conversion to GBP. Don’t let that put you off though as it can be tailored to a UK audience pretty easily, as our Frase review is about to show…

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3 Ways We’re Using Frase To Boost Our Content Marketing & SEO…

We’ve already touched a little bit on some of the use cases of the platform, but now our Frase review is going to show you three ways we’re using it on our own UK business.

1. Creating Better Content Plans & Briefs

Now, we don’t know about you but creating good content briefs has always felt like it takes more time than it should. In fact, sometimes it feels like you may as well have written the content yourself!

But, you know if you don’t do it, the content probably won’t quite meet your requirements — no matter how good your writer.

And if you write your own content, planning it out probably takes far longer than you’d ever wish.

In steps Frase.

You simply head to the Content part of the platform, click ‘New Document’ and search for the keyword you want your article to target.

Adding documents to Frase

That will bring up split pane review. On the left is a black page. This is where you’ll create your content brief. On the right will be all the things Frase has found that it thinks you may want to include.

You can go through and select things manually if you prefer, but we like to click the ‘Paste Brief’ button. This uses AI to automatically create an article brief based on the information it’s found.

Allow us to use this Frase review to highlight some of the sections you’ll get:

Avg. Word Count

This tells you how long other content that ranks for your chosen keyword needs to be. You’ll be wanting to try and beat this.


This gives a bullet list of other content out there that’s related to your chosen keyword. You’ll get the title, a short excerpt and a link to the page. This helps you see what you’re up against and quickly do your competitor research.


This gives a bullet list of all the words and phrases that appear to becommonly used across the other articles you’re aiming to beat. Chances are you’ll want to cover most of these yourself in order to outrank them.


You know Google often shows ‘People also ask’ boxes when you search for something? It’s well known that answering these questions in your content can give you an SEO boost for your chosen keyword.

Frase takes this a step further by also including questions people are asking on forums and other websites.


Frase checks some of the common sections the articles your competing against include to help give you ideas of how to structure your content.


Finding stats for your content is often a time-consuming process. Frase shortens that by automatically pulling them from the content already ranking for your target keyword.


Need more ideas? Looking for authority sites you can place external links to? Frase lists some of the ones you may want to consider.

So, within a few seconds you get a fully functioning content plan which you can easily export. Use it yourself to write your best content in record time, or send it on to your writer to save them time and ensure you get a well researched, high quality article back.

We’ve used it both ways and this is by far our favourite part of Frase and the reason why we’ve dedicated so much of our Frase review to explaining it.

2. Boosting The SEO Of Our Existing Content

The next thing we want to cover in our Frase review is also one of the most powerful parts of the platform – the content editor. So, in the same area where you can create detailed content briefs, you can also check your existing content.

You’ll still need to tell Frase what your target keyword is. But, you also ask it to import your content from a live URL.

It’ll then pull all your text into the left-hand pane and use the right hand side to provide insight and analysis you can use to improve it.

Frase SEO optimisation

You’ll see how your word count compares to the average word count among the sites your competing against. You’ll also see the topics others are covering and the kinds of questions they’re answering.

Your Topic Score

The topics tab is the interesting one here. That will show you all the words and phrases mentioned by your competitors, how many times they’re mentioned on average, and how your content compares.

It therefore highlights content gaps so you can quickly go in and address them to improve your topic score.

Common Questions

There’s also a ‘Questions’ tab. This is really useful as it will show the kinds of questions your competitors are answering in their article. Look for gaps that you haven’t addressed and then add new sections to your content to answer the same questions.

Just by doing these two things you’ll be massively improving your content and giving yourself a good chance of improving your rankings. After all, Google always wants to show the best and most comprehensive content to it’s users. Your job is to make sure your content is exactly that!

Some Results…

Just to help you visualise how using Frase in this way can help your existing content, here’s a screenshot that shows our ranking change on one of our most important target keywords.

Results of using Frase

This particular article had been gradually dropping down the rankings for a few months and was at risk of dropping off the first page altogether.

We used Frase to identify content gaps and guide us on what else we could add. In the end, we added around another 1,000 words to the content. That helped us tick off lots more topic mentions too.

The impact was almost immediate. Within a few days we went from the lower end of the first page to the very top result.

We also go a boost on a similar target keyword too. This one isn’t quite as impressive but still shows a good improvement…

Rankings growth with Frase

3. Finding Content To Share on Social Media

If you’re like us then you’ll find it’s always tough to stay on top of your social media feeds. Posting your own content is great, but the best feeds curate the best content from around the web and add their own viewpoint to it.

Frase does the donkey work for you on this too. Again, you’ll use the Content part of the tool. In fact, you’re essentially just repeating the first steps of what we explained in number 1.

That means putting in a keyword or phrase and then using the AI data that’s shown in the right panel of the Frase app. There are a couple of places you can check here for interesting social post ideas.

Frase content ideas

The first is the ‘Statistics’ part of the ‘Content Brief’ section. This often throws up some really nice stats that you can make engaging social posts from. Perhaps put the stat in an image or simply share as text.

Either way, you can always link to the source and tag them in for increased likelihood of retweets.

The second part you’ll want to look at is the ‘News’ tab. Here you’ll find a list of recent news posts linked to your chosen keyword. If you keep your keyword fairly broad, you’ll get lots of good news stories you can potentially share to show you’re keeping your fingers on the pulse.

There are plenty of other parts that you may also find useful for social posts but they’re the two biggest ones for us.

Other Potential Use Cases

Of course, we’ve only touched on three of the ways we use the tool as we don’t want to make this Frase review too long to digest easily. But, there are actually tonnes of other ways you can use it:

  • Answer Engine – Help your website visitors find answers to their questions (and learn more about what content gaps you have).
  • Concept Maps – Get ideas for new topics and keywords you can target by drilling down into related keywords and searches.
  • Question Ideas – search the web for common questions your target visitors are asking on forums and search engines.
  • In-App Content Optimisation – As you’re writing a new article, you can do it directly in Frase, making sure it ticks all the boxes to beat your competition as you go.
  • Google Search Console Link – Check your existing content performance and identify which keywords you need to produce better content for to improve your rankings and clickthroughs.

They’re just a few more quick examples for you. The truth is, the only limit to the way you use Frase is your imagination. We absolutely love the tool and it’s been one of the best business purchases we’ve made since starting. It really is THAT good. 

Frase pricing

Frase pricing

Of course any useful Frase review needs to consider the amount it costs you so you can consider the cost vs benefits. Nothing is too expensive if it gives you enough benefits to outweigh the costs.

The good news is that give the number of use-cases Frase has, it’s definitely not too expensive.

Basic Plan

At the time of writing this review, the basic (and therefore cheapest) plan was priced at $40 USD per month. That’s about £30 in GBP.

For that you’ll get 1 user and the ability to create 30 documents a month. For most smaller businesses that will probably be enough, plus you still get access to everything other than the Answer Engine.

Growth Plan

The next level up costs $99 a month (around £75 GBP). That gives you an extra couple of users (3 in total) and unlimited documents a month. You’ll still get access to everything other than the Answer Engine too.

If you’ve got multiple sites or you want multiple writers to be able to access Frase, this is probably the best plan for your needs, but there is one more option to discuss…

Answer Engine

And that’s the Answer Engine. If you want to make use of the chat bot element of Frase and help improve your visitor experience and conversion rates, you’ll want this top package at $199 per month (approx £150 GBP).

That gives you everything from the $99 package but also throws in the Answer Engine with 500 answers included each month. If you go over this limit you can buy more ‘answers’ at a cost of $50 (around £40) per 100 answers.

That covers all the main pricing options and it’s clear to see that Frase is very affordable, especially given the value you can extract from it every single week.

We should also add that there is also a free trial available. This gives you the ability to create 1 document and test out the other features – mostly with little restrictions. If you’re to use Frase properly you will need more than one document but it’s a good place to start if you have any doubts.

Frase reviews from customers: “

Frase is an excellent tool if you are a blogger or a website developer. It is great for researching and writing optimized content and also provide highly intelligent chat bots (Answer Engines) which help keep clients on the websites longer and improve the overall user experience.

Customer service is top-notch! I highly recommend the!

Olympia C via 5-star G2 Crowd review.

If you’re serious about your content and SEO, then you need Frase. It’s an excellent AI software/platform.

It helps me research, create and optimise my content. The answer engine also helps to keep visitors engaged on my site.

The UI is user friendly. It shows you what to tweak or take action on to improve your content and SEO.

Ademola A via 5-star G2 Crowd review.

Advantages of Frase

Advantages of Frase

It’s probably pretty clear from our Frase review to this point just how much we lose the tool and how many advantages there are.

Put simply, it genuinely is one of the best tools we’ve used this year and we fully expect it to be part of our business strategy for a long time to come.

There are massive time-savings to be had with Frase, but the benefits stretch much further than that. Few tools are as intuitive as this when comes to showing you how to improve your content. But, what really sets it apart is that it’s a very ‘white hat’ SEO tool.

This isn’t about tricking search engines into ranking your content better because you mention a keyword more often.

It’s about making sure your content is better and more relevant than all the other content you’re up against.

That means you’re not just making your content better for the likes of Google and Bing, you’re actually making it better for users too. And that’s never a bad thing, right?

Plus, the Answer Engine is a solid chat bot solution. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not as advanced as getting dedicated chat bot software. But, if you’re looking for something that does all the basics, and does them well, Frase offers incredible value for money.

The Disadvantages

Naturally, if we didn’t mention the negatives then this wouldn’t be a fair and balanced Frase review. You see, for all the plus points, there are a few negatives to consider.

For instance, everything is charged in USD not GBP. If you have a multi-currency account this won’t be an issue. If you don’t you may have some extra currency conversion fees to pay your bank which isn’t ideal.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, the Answer Engine isn’t as advanced as dedicated chat bot software. It does a good job and will be suitable for many people, but it won’t suit everyone.

Some Frase users have also reported issues with copying and pasting in the document editor. We haven’t experienced these issues ourselves and Frase is always improving and fixing bugs so we don’t think it should be a major concern. However, as with any new software, it does show there are still a few creases to iron out with the platform.

Frase Review – Summary 

So, we’ve reached the final part of our Frase review. What have we learned? Well, based on our first-hand experience of using the tool we’ve concluded this is an incredibly flexible tool to give your content marketing and SEO a boost.

There are many different use-cases for the platform, many of which you won’t discover until you’ve been using it a little while.

Sure, the Answer Engine isn’t as powerful as a dedicated chat bot but it still does everything you need it to. However, it’s the answer and content engines that really make the tool a no-brainer for us.

Frase really is one of the best purchases we’ve made as a business. It’s cost-effective and packs a punch that means you stand to gain a lot more than you’ll lose by giving it a go.

For that reason, Frase gets our full backing as a great AI-based content and SEO tool for business everywhere, not just in the UK.

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