Small Business Saturday to be Launched in December

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Over recent years, it has become increasingly important for small businesses across the UK to try and generate more trade.

With the record numbers of new small businesses being created, this has become more and more vital but with tough competition from the bigger players many small businesses struggle to raise awareness and boost business.

A new scheme that is set to be launched in December of this year could help to change all of this.

Small Business Saturday is already established in the United States and is set to begin from 7th December 2013 in the UK. The event will give small businesses the opportunity to promote themselves and to generate increased business. In the United States, the event helped to generate billions of dollars in sales for small businesses last year.

The event is being supported by all of the major political parties, including the current government and prime minister, David Cameron. There will be a variety of small businesses from many different industries taking part in the day, with local media also set to be present. The day will showcase a number of events and will enable customers to get special deals, which will also help to boost sales.

Small Business Saturday has been designed as a community event and as such a number of banks, local authorities, community groups, professionals, and business agencies are also getting involved to help make the day a big success. The event is being promoted locally and some of those involved are running business advice workshops online as well as providing health checks for small businesses.

The ways in which the event will be promoted will vary from one area to another, with some towns combining the event with Christmas festivities to help attract more attention.

Increased importance has been put on small businesses over recent years due to their valuable contribution to the economy. The government has been investing in both small and start up businesses in the UK, and both the Labour party and the Coalition government have promised to provide increased support to small businesses in the future if they are elected in the 2015 general elections.

Events such as Small Business Saturday will play an important part in helping small businesses across the country to compete more effectively with bigger rivals as well as to enjoy greater levels of success when it comes to sales.

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