Adzooma Review: An Easy Online Advertising Solution For Startups & SMEs

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Adzooma Reviews

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Use = 9.4

Value For Money = 9.8

Customer Support = 9.7

Features = 8.9


  • Very cost-effective even for SMEs and sole traders
  • Smart AI saves time with changes you can make in a click
  • Can easily create a variety of reports


  • Facebook features not as in-depth as Google & Microsoft ones
  • Requires basic PPC knowledge to make the most of the platform
Adzooma review – this online software promises to be the one-stop advertising management platform for businesses of all sizes. But can it help SMEs and startups grow their PPC campaigns or are they better off going it alone? 

That’s what this review will find out. 

UPDATE: Adzooma have now made their core platform 100% FREE for everyone.

Whether you’ve already set up your own PPC campaigns or are looking to get started, we’ll be looking at whether Adzooma can deliver for your business. 

At a glance

Adzooma is an advertising management platform, compatible with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads. If you use one or more of these platforms, it gets you one central place to manage all of your accounts. 

You link your advertising accounts into their platform, and their intelligent AI systems will scan your campaigns and highlight actions you can take to improve your performance. This means that you don’t have to waste as much time looking at your data to find out where your weak points are – Adzooma will do it for you. 

It’s like having your own robotic PPC manager added to your team. 

As well as suggestions to improve your campaigns, our Adzooma review has found it is also filled with easy to use management features, such as reporting and innovate automation rules that do the work for you. All of this is included in their competitively low price that will always be cheaper than hiring a PPC agency. 

Fundamentally, they offer a quicker and easier way to manage your PPC campaigns and give more time back to your business. 

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What features does Adzooma offer? 

Adzooma review

Adzooma offers 3 key PPC management features: opportunities, automation and reporting. You can tell they’re a technology company with names like these. 

But for a more advanced look at Adzooma, we’re going to look at each of these features in a bit more detail for a more complete Adzooma review. 

1. Opportunities

Opportunities are Adzooma’s name for any actions that you can take to improve your account.

They’re calculated by an AI system, which monitors your campaigns and runs over 50 checks on your account. If it spots something that can improve your performance, it will generate an opportunity for you. This could be anything from adding a keyword that you might want to bid on, fixing a spelling mistake in your ad copy or adding time scheduling options to your adverts. 

If you go into the opportunities in the platform, you’ll see a list of all the available opportunities for your campaigns. Find the ones you want to apply and then add them to the queue. 

Once you’re happy, click ‘apply all’ and they will be automatically done for you. You don’t need to log back into your Google Ads or Facebook Ads account to make the changes, it’s all done in Adzooma. 

2. Automation 

With Adzooma’s automation feature, you can set rules that will automatically make changes to your account if a certain event happens. For example, if your CPC (cost-per-click) goes above a certain amount, you can pause your campaigns and prevent overspending. 

The downside is that this feature might not be used as much for those just starting out with PPC. But as you grow and scale, it will be ready for you to use. 

3. Reporting

When it comes to PPC reporting, Adzooma has some of the best tools on the market. 

Their custom reports make quick and easy work out of reports and ensure that you never have to spend hours importing data into an excel spreadsheet. 

Just select the data you want and drop it into place. Add all the graphs, text and images that you need and tad-ah, your report is ready. 

Once you’ve created a report, you can also save it as a template. Whenever you need a new one, it will automatically update with the latest data. Now, that’s smart. 

It also has a suite of free reports for you to get a taste of what they can offer. This includes a performance report that will prove a score out of 100 and provide a quick run-down of actions you can take to improve this score. 

Adzooma pricing

Adzooma Pricing

UPDATE: Adzooma have now made their core platform 100% FREE for everyone.

Earlier in our Adzooma review, we mentioned that the platform has competitively low prices that will always be cheaper than hiring a PPC agency.  

The basic Adzooma package starts at just £99+VAT per month. This gives you access to every single feature that we mentioned earlier, plus access to customer support through a live chat if you run into any problems. 

Adzooma does offer a few more higher-paid plans with extra features and more ad spend should you need it.

This really helps startups and smaller businesses get their hands on the same technology that can help the bigger businesses grow. 

There’s no set cost for PPC agencies, but working with one could be estimated at anything from £100-£1000 per month depending on the work you need from them. You are paying for their employee’s time, skill and expertise after all. This doesn’t come cheap. 

Unlike PPC agencies, there are no long-term contracts with Adzooma. If you find that it’s not working for your company, you can cancel anytime you want with no fees. 

If you want to test the features for yourself, you can try Adzooma for free

Adzooma reviews from customers: 

“The software is really easy to use and gets results for you very quickly. Support is great to get you up and running and keep you updated with regular contact. Would recommend and will save you paying someone to manage your account.” 

5-star review from Glenn via Google 

“Adzooma has within 7 days shown significant improvements to my adwords campaigns. As a total rookie, using a tool like this (and working closely with the team) has resulted in some major improvements which is great to see.” 

5-star review from Richard via Google 

The advantages

Advantages of Adzooma

The biggest advantage our Adzooma review has found is the time this platform can save you. 

Adzooma finds opportunities for you, meaning you don’t have to spend hours looking at your own data and trying to work out where you can do better. It will even apply them to your own account for you, saving valuable minutes logging back into your Google Ads, finding the right bit of your campaign and manually making the changes. 

You can make PPC reports in minutes and, if your business is in the position to use them, their automation rules will shave hours off weekly routine checks. 

This time is not something to be underrated. Every minute that you save using Adzooma is a minute that you can put back into your company. It’s what you can use to look at the bigger picture, finding new ways to help you grow. And at a low price of £49 a month, the added time Adzooma brings is well worth the cost. 

Another advantage to point out is that the platform is always updating. Adzooma constantly works on adding new features and will even implement features that have been requested by customers. 

So, if there’s something you think is missing, send them a message. It might feature in their next update. 

The disadvantages

No Adzooma review would be complete without considering some of the negatives. Adzooma is compatible with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Although the features for Google Ads are great, the other two platforms just aren’t there yet. 

They are relatively new additions to the platform, meaning there are fewer opportunities for you to choose from. They work great for reporting, but if you’re using Adzooma just for your Facebook or Microsoft ads, you might want to wait until they’ve got these services up and running. 

The company promises that will be implemented, but they’re not ready yet. 

Another downside is that you will still need to have at least some knowledge of PPC behind you to set up your campaigns. T

hey’ll be able to help you once you get started, but it’s a management platform after all. For it to work, it needs something to manage. That part is on you. 

Whether Adzooma is right for you depends on your business. It’s a great safety net to help you while you get on your feet and really optimise your campaigns once you’ve got over the initial learning curve. 

But if you haven’t got the time to be setting up PPC campaigns, you might be better off hiring a PPC agency to get you off the ground.  

Are there any alternatives to Adzooma? 

Yes. Adzooma isn’t the only PPC management software on the market, so there are alternatives you might want to consider. 

Competitors to Adzooma include companies like Opteo, Wordstream and AdEspresso. Each of them in their own right has great features and tools to help make ads management easier. But when it comes to offering the full package, our Adzooma review feels this brand has them beat. 

For example, Opteo is missing core features like campaign analysis, conversion tracking and geotargeting. And honestly, if you were going to pay for a PPC software, I’d rather go for the one with more bang for my buck.  

You can see a full table of how the features of other companies compare to Adzooma here. 

We know it’s not always about price. But luckily for you, Adzooma has some of the best prices on the market. 

For example, Opteo prices start at $97 monthly. That roughly translates to £75 a month. Wordstream charge even more, charging and incredible £189 a month. That just doesn’t work for most startups or SMEs. 

Places like AdEspresso have plans that suit SMEs budgets, with their first plan coming in at $58 annually. But, at this price, you’ll have heavy account restrictions and will need to upgrade your account to get access to the better features. 

With Adzooma, you get access to everything or just £49. There’s no restrictions or hidden surprises. 

It’s important to remember that there’s no one solution to fit all. It’s always best for your business to make sure of all the free trials on offer to see which solution works for you. 

Adzooma review summary 

Adzooma promises to be an all in one advertising platform for Google, Facebook and Microsoft advertising. 

Although the features for Facebook and Microsoft aren’t quite there yet, our Adzooma review has found the platform delivers on its promise. It’s an easy to use platform that can help you manage and organise your advertising. Its opportunities feature means you don’t have to spend hours analysing your own data. It has the changes you need to make in front of you, saving time and effort while making more from your advertising. 

We have no hesitation in recommending Adzooma as a way for businesses to manage their PPC campaigns. But like with any software, you need to decide whether or not it’s right for you. 

So, make use of Adzooma’s free trial to test the software for yourself and see how it can help take your campaigns to the next level. 

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