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Quality Company Formations Reviews

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Ease Of Use = 9.3

Value For Money = 9.5

Customer Support = 9.6

Services Offered = 9.0


  • Some of the lowest prices on the market
  • Over 10 years experience
  • A free check of all applications


  • A small number of basic packages for a limited company
  • Can be confusing

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Quality Company Formations review [Updated 2024] – the brand positions itself as a fast company formations agent with a central London address that is immensely trusted by their customers.

According to them, 99% of their reviews rated them as excellent or great. With over 10 years of industry experience, Quality Company Formations claims to have helped over 250,000 people set up their own businesses within Britain.  

Let’s use this Quality Company Formations review to see if all their claims hold true, but also to find out as many details as possible about this formations agent. 

At a Glance

Quality Company Formations was founded by Graeme Donnelly in 2014. According to their own statements, the idea behind the business was the wish to provide affordable ways to create a company besides LLPs and the standard private limited format.  

As a result, Quality Company Formations state that they shaped their own company formation packages with the customer in mind.

They look to provide their potential customers with company structures as well as business service essentials that could help them create their own organisations brands at very affordable prices. 

According to the claims they make on their website, Quality Company Formations offers the largest range of packages in Britain, meaning 10 different structures a customer can choose from.  

However, seeing as this is an objective Quality Company Formations review, we have to point out that might not be the case. There are other formations agents within Britain that certainly offer more than 10 packages or bundles if this is what you’re interested in as a customer. 

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How Does The Quality Company Formations Process Work?

Quality Company Formations pride themselves in offering a very simple formation process that only has four straightforward steps you must follow and which, according to them, will only take a few minutes.

Let’s use this Quality Company Formations review to take a closer look at this process.

Check the availability of your company name 

Start the company formation process by checking if the name you have selected is available. You can use the name check tool that Quality Company Formations has made available for their customers on their official website or via our handy tool below: 

According to the formations agent, this tool will check the name you have selected against a large index of names that are already registered with Companies House. If everything goes well and the name of your brand is available and appropriate for usage, you can move on to the next step. 

Choose a package 

According to Quality Company Formations, they provide a large selection of packages if you wish to set up a company limited by shares, by guarantee, or an LLP. Here are the bundles you can choose from.

  • The Basic Package – will allow you to set up a basic LTD which is ready to trade right from the start. 
  • The Privacy Package – will get you everything that the basic package gives you, plus a registered office address which you can use for official mail. This service will be free for one year. 
  • The Privacy Plus Package – everything from the Privacy package, plus printed company documents, GDPR compliance, and your first annual confirmation statement.
  • The Fully Inclusive Package – will get you all the services in the Privacy Plus package as well as VAT and PAYE registration. You will also be getting a business address to use for mail as a free service for one year and a call answering service. 

These are the basic packages you can use to set up a limited company with Quality Company Formations. But this agent also offers a series of what they call Specialist formations packages which include the following. 

  • The Non-residents Package – perfect for people who live outside Britain and would like to set up a UK LTD. 
  • The Multiple Share Package – will allow you to set up a business that has more than one share class. It is also called the multiple share class company package. 
  • The Guarantee Package – it comes in two versions, the Standard Package and the Bespoke Package which will be priced differently, so please be aware of that. It will allow you to set up a company limited by guarantee. 
  • The LLP Package – as the name suggests, you can use this one to set up a limited liability partnership company. This bundle comes with a free pre-submission review conducted by experts. 
  • The Charity Package – if you wish to set up a charitable company with Companies House, this is the package to choose. It also comes with a free pre-submission review. 
  • The RTM Package – in which RTM translates to right to manage company. It is the type of package used by tenants or other types of people who generally want to take management of a building from the landlord. 
  • The Property Package – it comes in two versions, the limited by shares version and the limited by guarantee version. Both are priced the same. 
  • The PLC Package – where PLC translates to public limited company. It is one of their most expensive packages and comes with a free pre-submission review.  

Checkout and pay 

This is the step of the process where you can add all the additional services you want. Quality Company Formations offers a large number of additional services such as business banking and address services. When you are done proceed to checkout. 

This formations agents allows you to pay for the formations package as well as the additional services you have selected using a credit or debit card. Once you have paid, according to their statements, you will be given instant access to their online client admin portal. 

Complete the application form  

The last step of the process asks you to complete your online registration form. Quality Company Formations claims that this only takes 5 minutes as long as you are already prepared to provide all the details they ask for.

This includes details about all your officers as well as your registered office address.


Since we have already talked in detail about all the bundles and additional services that Quality Company Formations offers, let’s use this review to also take a look at the prices they practise. In this regard, from the point of view of the customer, you will be happy to find out that their prices are quite low.

For example, their basic packages for forming a limited company are priced as follows – the Basic Package costs £51.99, the Privacy Package costs £67.99, the Privacy Plus Package costs £79.99, while the Fully Inclusive Package costs £219.99.

At the moment of writing this Quality Company Formations review, the Fully Inclusive package is on sale for 40% off. This means that it’s currently £129.99.  

Their Specialist packages vary in price from £69.99 for the Multiple Share Package to £89.99 for the Charity Package, to £99.99 for the Right to Manage Package to £79.99 for their Public Limited Package. 

The price of their additional services depends on what you need and for how long you need it. For example, their Registered Office Address service costs  £39 + VAT, their Apostilled Documents Service costs £99.99 + VAT, while their Business Address Service costs  £96 + VAT. 

Value for Money

Everything that we have discovered so far in this Quality Company Formations review allows us to believe that you will be getting good value for money if you decide to work with them.

The business has a very simple and straight forward formation process, and they always work towards keeping their prices as low as possible.

Not only that, but they also have a good customer support system in place through which they can help you set up your company via phone as well.

Quality Company Formations Reviews From Customers:

Absolutely beautiful very good customer service your staff were very helpful and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone.

5-Star review from Alexandre Moussinga via Trustpilot

Really easy to use and very quick process very happy with the level of service would highly recommend this service Useful Share.

5-Star review from Jago Reddick via Trustpilot

The Advantages

Why Quality Company Formations

As simple as it may look to use the services provided by Quality Company Formations, are there any negative sides to their process? Let’s find out by making a pros and cons list. 

Very low prices 

It’s fair to say that Quality Company Formations offers some of the lowest prices on the British market in this niche. When it comes to their basic packages for forming a limited company, the prices all stay under £80.

This is great news for you as a customer even if you are on a budget. The prices for their specialist packages are a little higher but still affordable even if you are looking to create a company other than a limited one. 

Great customer support system 

According to online feedback, Quality Company Formations has a fantastic customer support system in place that you can use in case you have any questions or have encountered any kind of problems while setting up your new business.

Not only that, but they also advise you to use this customer support system in case you don’t or can’t set up your company using their website. Call them and a customer support rep will set it up for you. 

A large number of extra services 

These extra services range from banking to accounting to address services. Quality Company Formations has a wealth of extra services that, when added to your package choice, can help you set up the perfect brand. 

The Disadvantages

Since this is a fair and objective Quality Company Formations review, we also need to point out the disadvantages that we have found while researching them. 

Small number of basic packages 

While it is true that this formations agent offers a large number of packages on the whole, when it comes to the basic packages they have in place for forming limited companies, that number is quite small.

They only offer three basic formations packages with a fourth one as bonus complete package. 

This might be a hindrance for some customers. Beginner customers could find this a bit lacking since there are very few options to choose from, while more seasoned customers who are used to a wealth of options could find it a bit unusual.

Is Quality Company Formations Legit?

A question worth asking now that we are reaching the end of our Quality Company Formations review is whether this is a legit company that can be trusted.

Given they have been around since 2014 and have collected hundreds of positive reviews on Google in that time, we feel very confident in saying ‘yes – they are legit’.


There are many positive things to say about Quality Company Formations and many things that you might enjoy when working with them.

They offer very low prices both for their basic limited company packages and for their specialist packages.

The process of forming a registered business with this formation’s agent is very simple and straightforward and should, according to their own statements, not take you more than a few minutes. 

Not only that, but Quality Company Formations has a great customer support system in place that will help you set up your company over the phone if you need to. All of this makes us comfortable in recommending this formation agent to you in conclusion to our Quality Company Formations review. 

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