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What is FreeAgent?

Put simply, FreeAgent is a bookkeeping and accounting software that makes it really easy to keep your accounts in order and submit all your necessary tax returns.

That means your accounts, corporation tax, PAYE & NI, and even your Self Assessment are taken care of. You simply link your bank account and explain transactions as you go.

You can upload every invoice and receipt you get and ‘attach’ them to each bank transaction to explain all your income and expenditure. FreeAgent then calculates your taxes and displays vital cash flow information.

FreeAgent Cash Flow

Plus, it’s a multi-platform accountancy software. That means you can use it on any device. That’s real handy because it means you can snap a photo of a receipt or invoice with your phone and upload it to your account with just a single click.

In short then, FreeAgent is perfect for small business owners who are short on time or are worried about keeping their books up-to-date.

Many businesses and sole traders are able to get away without using an accountant when using FreeAgent. That’s a significant cost saving.

Our Experience With FreeAgent

Here at Business4Beginners we have been using FreeAgent for several years.

Quite frankly, we’ve been big fans of the software since the first day we started using it.

It’s so easy to use; we picked up the basics within a few minutes. Yet, FreeAgent has continued to develop and improve in the years we have been using it.

We have both our main bank account and our PayPal account connected, so it automatically pulls in transactions for us.

All we have to do is explain each transaction, though FreeAgent usually comes up with the explanation for us as we just have to approve it!

FreeAgent - Our Experience

Invoicing other businesses is a breeze, we never send out invoices any other way.

Our accountant also loves it as he knows all of our records are in order. He just goes in, checks a few things and submits our annual accounts once a year – saving us a fortune on accounting bills.

Overall, we can’t recommend FreeAgent enough, as you can see in our full FreeAgent review.

FreeAgent for sole traders

If you’re trading as a sole trader rather than a company, FreeAgent is perfectly suited to your needs.

There is a plan specifically made for sole traders that is £14 per month cheaper than the one for registered companies. The good thing is, you get almost the exact same set of features, including self-assessment return submissions and VAT filing.

The only thing you don’t get is the option to file end of year accounts since that is not something you need to do as a sole trader.

FreeAgent for limited companies

If you’re trading as a limited company you’ll get the full set of features on offer. That includes self-assessment for directors and end of year filing for your accounts.

Everything is linked to HMRC so you avoid the need to run multiple accounting software. That makes it super simple for all limited company owners.

Why is it so good?

FreeAgent is so good because it automates all the accounting you need to do to stay compliant with the law. Plus, because you can better see all your income and expenditure, as well as outstanding bills and invoices, you can keep better control over your finances.

Everything is stored safely online so you don’t need to keep files of paperwork.

Plus, it will provide automatic reminders when your tax returns and payments are due, helping you avoid costly late-filing penalties.

If you don’t like the idea of looking after your accounting yourself, it’s not a problem. You can give your accountant access to your FreeAgent account so they can properly prepare your books and returns. All you need to is upload your invoices and explain your transactions.

What are the features of FreeAgent?

There are plenty of good features included in FreeAgent that will make your life as a sole trader or business owner much, much simpler.

Benefits of FreeAgent include:

  • Send and track invoices and estimates
  • Record all of your expenses
  • Track how much time you spend on clients
  • File your Self Assessment with the direct link to HMRC
  • Review automatically generated VAT returns
  • Forecast your Corporation Tax to avoid nasty surprises
  • Monitor all of your cash flow at a glance
  • Connect your bank account to automatically pull in transactions

Plus, everything is so intuitive that it’s a joy to use, even if you’ve never used accounting software before.

FreeAgent Features

You can read our full FreeAgent review for a more in-depth insight into what the software offers.

Many accountants actually recommend FreeAgent to their clients as they know it does all the basic bookkeeping that’s needed to make their job easier.

Does it work with Making Tax Digital (MTD)?

Absolutely! FreeAgent were actually one of the software that participated in the Making Tax Digital pilot programme. That means they know exactly how it works and are fully integrated.

So, if you have been stressing about complying with Making Tax Digital, FreeAgent instantly solves your problem.

In fact, FreeAgent have been submitting VAT digitally since 2010 so they have a method that’s very much tried and tested.

How much does FreeAgent cost?

Considering the problem FreeAgent solves and the fact it stands to reduce, or even completely replace, your accounting bills it’s incredibly good value for money – especially if you use our FreeAgent referral code.

At the time of writing, the standard price of FreeAgent is just £19 a month for sole traders, £27 a month for partnerships and LLPs, and £33 a month for limited companies. Though you’ll need to add VAT to these prices if your company is registered in the UK.

FreeAgent Pricing

However, there are a few ways you can save money on the cost.

Firstly, when you first join you’ll get a 50% discount on the price for your first 6 months.

Alternatively, you can save even more if you pay annually as you’ll get 2 free months in addition to 50% discount.

Finally, they offer a referral programme where you save 10% off your subscription for each active customer you refer. So, if you send them 10 new customers, you get the software for free!

Speaking of which, if you have found this article useful, we’d really appreciate it if you can use our referral code so we can save money on our own FreeAgent subscription:

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Why do they offer a discount?

There’s an easy answer to this. FreeAgent know that their software is incredibly useful to small businesses and sole traders. So, they are more than happy to give you free trial and a big discount to get you started.

They know that once you start using the software, you’ll see just how much it helps you run your business and you’ll continue using it for a long time.

How to get FreeAgent 100% FREE in 2024

We’ve already explained how you can use our FreeAgent referral code to save 10% on your subscription for the lifetime of your account. But, do you know what’s even better? You can get FreeAgent 100% FREE for life.

Here’s how to do it…

First, you’ll need to sign-up to FreeAgent and use the referral code 4904ixil to save your first 10%.

Then, once logged into your account, click on your business name in the top right and click ‘Referrals’.

This will bring you to a page that looks like this:

FreeAgent Referral Code Location

The red box in the top right highlights where you’ll see your current discount level.

The red box to the lower right shows where you’ll find your own FreeAgent referral code.

Simply send this code or link to people you know who may be interested in FreeAgent. For each one that starts a paid subscription, they’ll get 10% off and you’ll get a further 10% discount added to your overall discount.

That means you only need 9 referrals (in addition to the 10% you’ll save using our code) to get FreeAgent with no cost whatsoever. Your discount will remain valid for as long as your referrals keep their accounts active.

So, by using your FreeAgent referral code you can ensure massive discounts on the software, making it a complete no brainer.

Remember, get started by using our FreeAgent referral code and you’ll instantly get your first 10% saving:

Your FreeAgent Referral Code = 4904ixil

Enter the FreeAgent referral code above during checkout and you’ll save an additional 10% off your subscription for the lifetime of your account.

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Need more convincing? Read our full FreeAgent review.

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