FATJOE Review: SEO Services To Boost Your Rankings

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FATJOE Reviews

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Use = 9.7

Value For Money = 9.3

Customer Support = 9.8

Services Available = 9.5


  • Wide range of SEO services available
  • Pay as you go – no contracts or minimum spends
  • 100% money-back guarantee on your first order


  • As with any SEO activities, you’ll need be careful not over-use any single method
  • Check the wording of services carefully to ensure they meet your needs
FATJOE review – while they may put emphasis on their services for SEO agencies, FATJOE is actually an excellent choice for any business (agency or otherwise) looking to improve their rankings on Google and other search engines.

We’ve been using FATJOE to write content and build links for several websites we own for a few years now. Over that time we’ve always found they produce excellent results for a reasonable price.

Sure, they don’t work out quite as cost-effective as using an individual freelancer might, but the extra cost is justified in the ease and speed and which orders are fulfilled.

We’ll go into more detail about the specific services they offer and our experience with them shortly, but first, let’s summarise our FATJOE review…

At A Glance

With a wide range of link building services alongside several content creation options, FATJOE makes it easier for small and medium businesses to get noticed online.

What We Like About FATJOE:

  • Wide range of link building and content creation services
  • Fast turnarounds in just a matter of days
  • Cost-effective pricing with no contracts or minimum spends
  • Excellent customer support team
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Efficient order updates via your FATJOE online dashboard

While their website constantly refers to them offering services for SEO agencies, you don’t need to be an agency to benefit. Anyone who is looking to build links, produce content, or grow the online presence of a website will benefit from their service.

Plus, the services are all ‘pay as you go’. That means there are no contracts or minimum spend to worry about. You simply choose the services you need as often as you like.

Their core services are essentially link building and content creation, with various different options for each.

As both links and content are so important for SEO and ranking at the top of Google and other search engines, FATJOE is extremely popular. In fact, they claim to secure more than 5,000 links for clients every month.

We’ve also found their customer support to be excellent and the whole order process very smooth. That’s probably because they’ve been in business since 2012 so have refined the process down to a T.

What Services Do FATJOE offer? 

FATJOE review

At the time of conducting our FATJOE review, the services they offer can be grouped into two categories – link building and content creation.

In terms of link building, there are 6 services available (blogger outreach, local business citations, press release distribution, infographic outreach, outreach boost, and media placements). For content creation, there are two main options (content writing and infographic design).

Our Past FATJOE orders
Some of the orders we’ve placed with FATJOE previously

We’re going to focus first on the services we have direct experience of…

Link Building – Blogger Outreach

FATJOE Blogger Outreach

This is one of the most popular types of SEO service that any site like FATJOE will offer. Essentially blogger outreach is where an article is written that includes a link back to your website. That article is then published on someone elses website or blog, giving you a backlink to help boost your SEO.

While it remains one of the most popular types of SEO, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The risk, for example, is that too many links from ‘poor quality’ websites can actually lead to penalties or a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

To combat this, FATJOE only target high-quality sites. Plus, you can choose the Domain Authority (DA) level of the sites you target. You can also vary the length of the articles to help keep your link profile looking more natural.

Prices start from £45 for a single 500 word placement but can be as high as £375 for a 1500 word placement on an ultra-high authority site. You get to choose in advance though so you’ll only pay what your budget can afford.

Our Experience:

We’ve ordered this service many times for various different websites across different niches. Each time our experience has been, on the whole, quite positive.

We’ve had some links from some very high-quality sites that post great content on a regular basis. Equally, we’ve had some links from fairly average sites too, though never so poor that it’s concerned us.

Of course, the downside is you don’t get to approve the site your link is from in advance (though there is a box to make special requests). On the rare occasions we have had issues (one site removed our link after just a week), we’ve contacted FATJOE support and they’ve agreed to build a new link without any further charge.

You can’t really say fairer than that and so FATJOE remain one of our trusted suppliers of blogger outreach services.

Link Building – Infographic Outreach

FATJOE Infographic Outreach

While infographics seem to have had their day a little now, they are still a great way at reaching new audiences and gaining links from sites that otherwise would be hard to target.

As with any type of link building, you need to be careful to build links slowly and from high-quality sites. However, when done right, a good infographic can be a great SEO link magnet.

The biggest problem is often getting the infographic noticed in the first place. That’s where FATJOE’s infographic outreach service can come in very useful.

It works in a similar way to the blogger outreach service, though the quality of sites available to target only go up to DA 30+ rather DA 50+. You’ll also only get a 250-word description of the infographic rather than a 500+ word article as you get with the blogger outreach service.

Prices again start from £45 for the cheapest package and can rise as high as £80 for the better quality sites you want to target. Again, you choose this in advance so you won’t get any unexpected charges.

Our Experience:

We’ve actually only used this service once, but when we did the services was delivered quickly and without any problems.

We got to specify the infographic link and anchor text and also made a special request that we wanted the links from UK sites (which was accepted).

The sites that linked to our infographic were of reasonable quality and so we feel the service offered reasonable value for money. While infographics are not a major part of our SEO strategy, we would be happy to use the FATJOE outreach service again in the future.

Link Building – Media Placements

FATJOE Media Placements

While blogger outreach has its place and remains a very cost-effective way to build good links, FATJOE also offer a more premium link building service.

Unlike the blogger outreach service, with media placements you get to choose the specific site you want to target from a list of top-level media sites.

At the time of writing this FATJOE review the list of available placements include mega brands such as Forbes, American Express, Yahoo, and more.

With this service the editor at the target publication writes the content, though you can provide your preferred link and anchor text. While it’s not guaranteed you’ll definitely get a mention on your targeted site, you will get a full refund if a placement cannot be achieved.

As you may expect, such a premium service comes with a more premium price attached. Expect to pay anywhere from around £375 for the less well-known sites, rising to £1,250 or more for the mega brands.

Our Experience:

While the higher costs mean we have only used this service a handful of times, it is still by far one of our most favourite FATJOE services.

We’ve gained links from some very highly respected sites in our chosen niches and we’ve not yet had any instances of FATJOE being unable to deliver our requested link.

Expect a slightly lower lead time on media placements since it can take time for the editors to publish content. However, when they do eventually come through it will feel worth every penny.

Content Creation – Content Writing

FATJOE Content Writing

There’s a popular SEO phrase that ‘content is king’ and that’s why you’ll often see high authority sites publishing lots of high-quality content. Often that content is in excess of 2,000 words, such is the importance of providing lots of detail on a subject when it comes to gaining good search engine rankings.

And that’s where FATJOE can come in extremely handy. As they have a team of experienced writers, they can deliver lots of good quality content in a reasonably short amount of time.

The standard package gives you articles from fluent English speakers for just £0.03 per word. That means you’ll pay £15 for 500 words, £30 for 1000 words, and so on (the maximum is 4000 words at £120).

This kind of content is good, but it’s not ground-breaking. When you need a more expert touch, FATJOE now offer their best writers at £0.08 per word on their Pro service. That means you’ll pay £40 for a 500 word or up to £320 for a 4000 word article.

Our Experience:

The disclaimer here is that so far, we’ve only used the standard writing service so cannot comment whether the Pro service is worth paying almost 3 times the amount.

What we can say though is that the standard content writing service is surprisingly good quality. We’ve used it for writing guest posts and for good explainer articles published on our own portfolio of sites.

You get to provide quite a lot of direction in the project brief and so the more guidance you give, the better the end result is likely to be. If you want content that’s likely to rank well for competitive search terms, you’ll probably be better off with the Pro service.

Otherwise, the standard service is a very cost-effective way of getting a lot of good content produced fast.

The Other Services


As we mentioned earlier in this FATJOE review, we haven’t used all of the different services the company offer.

However, based on our experience of the services above that we have tried, we would have no hesitation about using their other services when we need them.

Here’s a very quick guide to what each of the other services are…

Link Building – Local Business Citations

Directories are somewhat of an old link building method and many see them as having limited benefit. However, for certain types of businesses they still very much have a role to play in SEO.

At the time of writing this FATJOE review you can choose from 25, 50, or 100 local directory citations for a business/website. Prices range from £40 through to £100.

Link Building – Press Release Distribution

Getting media attention is increasingly difficult, but press releases remain a popular method for grabbing mentions on media websites.

The Press Release Distribution service from FATJOE includes both the writing of the release and the distribution to over 100k journalists. The cost is just £95 but you can’t supply your own press release.

Link Building – Outreach Boost

If you want to get maximum impact from the links you’ve gained from other websites and blogs, FATJOE’s outreach boost service is designed for you.

For £75 they’ll republish your guest post on 100+ sites using the rel=canonical tag (which helps to prevent the duplicate content causing any SEO issues). The downside is it’s targeted mostly towards US sites.

Content Creation – Infographic Design

We mentioned earlier in our FATJOE review that the company offer an infographic outreach service. This is great if you have an existing infographic, but if you don’t, you’ll need one creating.

Priced from £95 for a basic infographic and rising up to £285 for a more advanced one, you can even have the FATJOE team come up with the statistics to include on the infographic for an extra £30.

FATJOE pricing

FATJOE Pricing

Our FATJOE review has already covered in some detail the different packages available and how much they cost. We’ll, therefore, keep this section short and look more at the overall value for money.

Essentially, what you’re paying for with FATJOE is the ease of having someone else take care of the donkey work for you. If you’re an agency, this is useful when you have capacity issues or need to give your clients a quick boost.

If you’re a business owner looking for SEO for your own site, FATJOE gives you an easy way to outsource elements of your SEO while retaining control over the exact approach taken.

Of course, there are always cheaper ways of doing things, but that doesn’t mean they always make business sense. For the time they save you and the benefits you can potentially get, we feel FATJOE offer exceptional value for money.

FATJOE reviews from customers: 

“Always easy to place an order. Good customer service.” 

Georgina via Shopper Approved 

“Easy to set-up project and pay for the project. A+ Recommendation.” 

Larry O. via Shopper Approved

The Advantages

Advantages of FATJOE SEO

During our FATJOE review we have spoken a lot about the services they offer, but what about the key advantages of using those services?

Ultimately, it all comes down to the SEO impact of the services used. That means that the exact impact can be a little tricky to measure. Still, our own sites have grown substantially since we started using FATJOE.

That’s not to say it’s entirely down to the work they’ve done, but it’s certainly been a factor. And that leads us to what is probably the biggest advantage of FATJOE – the fact you retain full control over how SEO is conducted on your sites.

Unlike a typical SEO agency where they take full control and your fate is in their hands, FATJOE’s ‘pay as you go’ approach means you only do the activities YOU want to do.

Purchase content when you need it. Build links when you need them. If your budget is £10000 this month and £100 next month, it really doesn’t matter. There are no commitments.

You get to do things your way, but avoid spending the time doing all the hard work yourself. Given it’s also pretty reasonably priced too means that FATJOE is a great hybrid between doing everything yourself and completely outsourcing your SEO.

Some may say it’s actually a much better way of doing it!

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The Disadvantages

Of course, no FATJOE review would be complete without considering the disadvantages of using their services.

The first one to mention is one that applies to any kind of SEO service that deals with link building. There are no guarantees the activities won’t harm your site. The reason for that is technically, many forms of link building are frowned upon by Google.

Anything that isn’t seen as ‘natural’ risks getting an SEO penalty, and certainly some of FATJOE’s services could be problematic if overused. It’s therefore important to use their services slowly bit by bit, rather than rushing in immediately with a massive order.

Another thing to mention is that while FATJOE list quite clearly what you’ll get from each package, you do need to take a little care at times. For instance, on the blogger outreach package, placements are not guaranteed to be the exact DA that you order since DA scores are constantly changing.

Other than that, when used correctly, FATJOE offers a great service to help boost the SEO efforts of any site.

The FATJOE Guarantee

FATJOE Guarantee

One thing we mentioned early on in our FATJOE review is the fact that there is a money-back guarantee available which makes order risk-free.

Put simply, when you place your first order with FATJOE you are protected by their 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the service they provide, simply let them know and they’ll refund your money.

It’s as simple as that, though it should be said there are some restrictions. For instance, if you’re ordering the blogger outreach service you’re only covered for up to 10 placements.

The exact terms for each service can be viewed on the wording of the guarantee that appears on each service page.

FATJOE Review – Summary 

So, as we reach the end of our FATJOE review it’s clear that as a customer ourselves for several years, we can very much recommend their services.

Sure, we haven’t tried every service they offer, but we have tried a few of them and we’ve been happy with our experience every time.

While they make a fuss over their suitability for SEO agencies, we feel they are also extremely well suited to non-agencies who want control over their SEO without having to do the tedious tasks themselves.

For that reason, FATJOE remain one of our favourite ways to build links and get content produced to a good level.

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