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Zyro Reviews

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Use = 9.0

Value For Money = 9.1

Customer Support = 9.4

Services Offered = 8.9


  • Some interesting features including an AI tool that writes copy for you!
  • The interface is pretty user-friendly which should make it fairly easy for newbies
  • Great reputation for website uptime so your site will rarely be inaccessible


  • While there’s a free account available, it’s features are pretty limited
  • Prices are converted from USD so the GBP fluctuates with the exchange rate
  • Some of the features are lacking in areas
Zyro Review – Anyone looking to set up their own website will find a range of website builders at their disposal these days.

If you want a simple product that makes it fast and simple to build your website, the Zyro website builder could be an ideal solution.

There are many benefits that come with this website builder, and in this Zyro review, we will look at some of the pros and cons as well as the key features of the tool. After looking through our Zyro review you can better determine whether this is the right website builder for your needs. 

At a Glance

With a free version available, the Zyro website builder tool is ideal for people who are on a limited budget but want to build a functional website. 

As our Zyro review shows, there are some pros and cons that need to be considered, so it is important to look carefully at what the tool offers. You can then make a more informed decision with regard to whether it is the right one for your specific needs. 

This website builder is great for getting your site up and running quickly, and it will not cause a lot of stress and hassle.

The tool is simple to use and enables you to build pages that are both visually appealing and functional. 

While there is a free version, there are also a number of paid options that are priced very competitively. So, it is important to consider your needs so you can decide which tier is the best option for you. 

Read on the find out more about this website builder in our Zyro review.

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With its easy-to-use interface and range of features, there is a lot to like about the Zyro website builder. While it is not the most advanced tool out there, it is certainly a very good option for those who want to build an efficient and practical website quickly and with minimal fuss.

Zyro Review

Some of the features you can benefit from with this tool are:

Domain Names

When you build your website using the Zyro website builder, you will receive a free Zyro URL for the site. However, you do have other options if you prefer.

You can transfer a domain name that you have already purchased if you wish to. Alternatively, you can purchase a domain name from Zyro. This then enables you to benefit from a custom domain name for your site. 

Template Options

Naturally, you want your site to look both relevant and attractive, and this means ensuring you have the right template for the site. With the Zyro website builder, you can benefit from a choice of dozens of templates that are all placed into different categories.

So, you can choose one from the category that is most relevant to your needs. In addition, the templates are designed to adapt to mobile so you can benefit from a responsive site. 

However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to templates with this website builder. Once you have selected the template you want for your site and you have created it, you cannot then switch to another template later down the line.

Changing templates would literally mean building another site and transferring all the data and content over. 

Photo Library

When building a website, there are many people who become very frustrated and stressed over finding images that are royalty-free and relevant to their site.

Well, with the Zyro website builder, you will benefit from an included photo library to save you time and stress.

The library of photos is a pretty good size, and this makes it easier for you to find images that are relevant and of good quality. 

In addition, you can resize images and add SEO descriptions to them. Positioning them is easy, as the site offers a convenient drag-and-drop feature. Of course, you can also upload your own images and photos if you wish to. While photos must be uploaded individually, there is a repository where they are saved. 

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Another convenient feature of the Zyro website builder is that it provides you with a drag-and-drop interface that is very simple to use.

This makes constructing your website far easier and faster, and there are plenty of features that make it a very effective tool. For instance, there is an icon that enables you to duplicate a second in seconds if you need to.

Logo Maker

Zyro Website Builder

A great feature we found during our Zyro review is the free logo builder tool. The platform has shapes and icons in its image library, and you can simply drag these onto a canvas and then play around with them to create the ideal logo.

You can add text, change the positioning, and make some simple changes to the image in order to achieve the perfect results. 

This is a very convenient and cost-effective means of creating a logo even if it on a short-term basis if you plan to use a designer in the future. It is also quite a fun feature to use, so you can have a little fun while creating a great logo. 

Integration Options

Another thing the Zyro website builder offers is a range of integration options catering to different needs. These are like add-ons that you can select based on your needs, but they are only available to those with paid subscriptions rather than on the free plan.

Among the options that you can choose from include Google Analytics, Messenger Live Chat, and Facebook Pixel. So, you can look through the options offered and decide which ones are necessary for you to make the most of your site. 

Blogging Tool

This website builder also offers a simple blogging tool to help you to create posts. While is it a simple and pretty efficient tool, there are better ones out there.

Some people may not like some of the features of the blogging tool – for instance, the need to add individual text and image sections in a post. In addition, one issue is that you cannot schedule a post, which can be inconvenient for many people. 

Responsive Site

It has become increasingly important for websites to be responsive these days given the huge numbers of people that use mobile devices. Well, with the Zyro website builder you will have a site that automatically adapts to other devices, so it will look great on smartphones and tablets as well as on the computer or laptop. 

You can make changes to the mobile view using the editor if you feel tweaks are needed, so this is quite a convenient feature.

The mobile version is created automatically by Zyro, so all you need to do is make some changes if you are not completely happy with the automatic version that is generated. 

E-Commerce Features

You also get to benefit from access to a range of e-commerce tools with the Zyro website builder, so this makes it easier for you to make money via your website.

Some of the tools you can benefit from include support for a variety of languages, automatic shipping estimate generation, real-time tracking for shipments, and discount features. 

In addition, the Zyro tool makes it easy for you to take payments for goods and services with a range of payment options supported. This includes PayPal and Stripe among others. 

AI Writer

One other valuable feature you get with the Zyro website builder is its AI Writer tool. For those looking to create copy without all the hard work, this could be very useful.

You simply choose one of the eleven topic options, select a sub-category, and choose which page or section you are creating the copy for. You can then generate paragraphs of content that you can adapt to suit your needs. 

It is worth noting that there are not that many category options, so this could create issues for those in a more niche market.

However, if the current options do happen to be relevant to your business, this could make it much easier to create website content. On the upside, the tool does enable you to generate blog titles, slogans, and business names, among other things. 

In fact, just for it’s uniqueness and ability to solve writers block, it’s one of our favourite features in this Zyro review!

Value For Money

Zyro Pricing

Naturally, a lot of people will be keen to find out whether the tool offers value for money in this Zyro review.

Well, there is a free option available, so this means that you can benefit from the use of Zyro without having to pay anything. However, you also need to bear in mind that the free option is a very basic one. 

When it comes to the paid options, the tool still offers value for money because the pricing is very competitive. Also, there are a number of options that you can choose from, which makes it easier to find one that fits in with your needs and your budget. 

Support Levels

If you need assistance, you can rely on a good level of customer service when you use Zyro.

Customer support is available around the clock and you can also tap into the knowledge base to get the information you want.

If you prefer to chat with someone, there is a live chat facility where you get to talk with a real person rather than a bot. Also, you can email the team with your query if you prefer. 

Zyro Reviews From Customers:

Looking at customer reviews makes it much easier for you to determine whether this website builder is the right choice for you. Some of the reviews that have been left online for Zyro on Trustpilot include:

We have used other services but Zyro stands head and shoulders above on price, ease of use and options. Extremely happy with our purchase.

5-star review from Zero Six One on Trustpilot

This is a great and easy-to-use website building platform. The chat support is always available and is very helpful. I find Zyro much more intuitive than other platforms I’ve used before (or still use on other websites). Great job, Zyro!

5-star review from Jared Seltzer on Trustpilot

Zyro offers a good service at a very affordable cost. It could have more features but it is evolving as far as I can see. Their customer service is the best.

5-star review from Enric Ayguadé on Trustpilot

The Advantages

Zyro Features

There are plenty of advantages that come with using the Zyro website builder, as you can see throughout this Zyro review. Some of the key ones to keep in mind are:

  • Excellent uptime
  • Free version 
  • Cost-effective paid version
  • AI writer tool

The excellent uptime is of particular importance, as it means that you can look forward to reliability and a site that does not keep going down. This is a key point to keep in mind when making your choice. 

The Disadvantages

You also need to consider the downside of the website builder tool to make an informed choice. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Not being able to switch templates once you select one
  • The basic features of the free version
  • Inability to schedule posts with the blogging tool
  • Lack of choice when it comes to AI Writer categories

These are among the key disadvantages of this website builder, so you should keep them in mind before making your decision. 


As our Zyro review shows, this website builder is a pretty solid choice despite some of the disadvantages listed. Certainly, for those who want a cost-effective or even free solution to getting a website up and running, it can prove invaluable.

It is also worth considering this website builder because of the excellent uptime, which is a key component of a successful website.

While the free version is not feature-rich, it is fine for those that want to create a basic yet functional website.

The choice of paid options also makes it easy for those who need more features and are happy to pay for the package. You can benefit from a tool that is simple to use and has some excellent consumer reviews from other people. 

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