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Ease Of Use = 9.1

Value For Money = 9.0

Customer Support = 9.0

Services Offered = 9.6


  • Some of the lowest prices on the market for their basic formations packages
  • A large variety of extra services including social media, SEO, accountancy, etc.
  • A high number of company formations packages to choose from


  • Only their three basic formations packages have very low prices. The rest of the bundles they offer are quite highly priced.

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The Company Warehouse review – this is a company that brands itself as “more than just a company registration service.”

According to the statement on their official website, apart from the basic standard company formation packages they offer for limited companies, they also provide a very wide variety of add ons and extra services that can help transform your new business into a veritable success.

As ever, it is the job of this The Company Warehouse review to put these very bold claims to the test and see if they have met their goals.

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At a Glance

Established in 2003, The Company Warehouse is the brainchild of founder Richard Jobling. According to their official website, since its inception the brand has formed thousands of limited companies by taking advantage of their position as a registered electronic filing agent with Companies House.  

Also according to the claims they make on their official site, The Company Warehouse is the only UK company formation agent that offers free company formations. They also undertake non profit, charity, and CIC formations. 

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How Does The Company Warehouse Formation Process Work?

The Company Warehouse comes to the aid of its potential clients via their official website where they offer a wealth of information on how to set up a limited company in the shape of what they call the ultimate guide to setting up a limited company. 

Here are some of the basic steps you will have to go through when trying to register a private company limited by shares with this agent.

The Company Warehouse Review

Choose the right company name 

According to The Company Warehouse, this is “THE most important part of starting a company.”

The reason is that if you do not choose a good name for your brand or company, the decision could have very expensive legal consequences when someone or even Companies House objects to your choice. 

As a result, The Company Warehouse has set up a company name search engine on their official website that will help you avoid any such problems. This is the first step of the company formations process you have to go through. 

Choose the package that is right for you 

As far as this The Company Warehouse review goes, what they offer in terms of packages is both positive and negative. On the one hand, this formations agent offers a very large variety of packages which is the positive aspect. 

On the other hand, it is extremely easy to get confused and equally difficult to make a decision, especially if you’re a beginner. Here are the packages they offer. 

The Company Warehouse divides the packages they offer into many different categories and under different names.

The Popular Registration Packages: 

  • The Company’s House Package – the cheapest and most basic package you can get from them offers you fast registration and, according to them, will save you 20%. 
  • The Complete Package – this is the one they recommend the most to their potential clients and also the one they call “the best.” It is the package that, according to them, you really need and which will get you completed share certificates as well as fully made up registers. 
  • The Advisors Package – this is the package intended for professional advisors which are registering a company for their clients. 

The Featured Packages: 

  • The Standard Company Formation Package – also called the Accountant’s Choice, is the package intended for solicitors, accountants, as well as any other type of agent that is registering a company for their clients. 
  • The Online Company Formation Package – this is also one of the packages that they recommend to their clients as being fully compliant and “hassle free” seeing as they take care of everything. 

The Specialist Packages: 

  • The Sole Trader Registration Package – this is one of their free company formation packages. It is intended for sole traders, as the name suggests, who are just starting a business and who will have a relatively small turnover. However, the package will not register your business name or protect it.  
  • The Free Company Formations Package – a free of charge company formation package that is available to every UK resident who wishes to form a trading company for his or her own use. 
  • The Company Limited by Guarantee Formation Package – one of the most expensive packages they offer, this is a choice for nonprofit organisations. According to their statements, they usually recommend it to sports governing bodies and community groups. 
  • The Charity Company Limited by Guarantee Formation Package – this package will provide a company formation which uses Articles of Association and the memorandum as recommended by the UK Charity Commission.  

Alongside all of these packages and bundles The Company Warehouse also offers a very large range of business services. From the point of view of this The Company Warehouse review the emphasis must be on “large.” 

This formations agent offers all the typical extra services you might already be used to if you’ve worked in this niche before, such as domain names and accountancy, but also some unique extra services such as logo design and branding, SEO, social media, and email. 

Buy your bundle and extra services online 

When you have finished choosing the bundle you believe is best for you along with the extra services you will require to set up your company or brand, add them to your basket and proceed to checkout. 

Fill in the necessary details 

The last step of the company formations process asks you to fill in a set of details such as your registered office address, information about your shareholders, about people with significant control or PSCs, and about share allocations. 


The Company Warehouse Fees

The Company Warehouse surely has a wide and varied offer in terms of bundles and additional services. But this The Company Warehouse review must also take a look at the prices they practice. 

As mentioned above, their packages are divided into different sets. As a result, a simple glance at their official website will show you that their basic packages as well as what they call their startup packages are priced the lowest.  

For example – the three main bundles are very basic when compared to similar offers from other company formations agents in Britain. The Company’s House Package is the lowest priced one, not only within The Company Warehouse itself but also as far as the market in general goes. It costs £9.99. 

This package is followed closely by The Advisors Package which costs £29.99 and by The Complete Package which they themselves call the best one and which costs £41.66.  

When it comes to their startup packages, you also have some very budget friendly prices to choose from. Their Online Company Formation Package is priced at £19.99, and The Standard Company Formation Package also known as the Accountants Choice costs £29.99.  

The most expensive packages they offer are of course their Specialist Packages. In this category you have two bundles, namely The Charity Company Limited by Guarantee Formation Package and The Company Limited by Guarantee Formation Package also known as the company formation choice for nonprofit organisations. Both packages are priced at £149.99. 

It is very important to mention here that all of these prices are listed excluding VAT. 

Our The Company Warehouse review has also found the company offers two completely free packages which is a solely unique feature for companies of its kind on the British market. These are The Sole Trader Registration Package and The Free Company Information Package.

Please note that in order to be able to register your company for free with these two packages you will have to like and share the company’s Facebook page publicly.

Value for Money

After all we’ve seen so far in this The Company Warehouse review, it’s time to take a look at the value you will be getting for your money if you decide to work with them.

This formations agent has one of the largest plethora of packages and additional services on the market. Not only that but they are also extremely varied in what they offer.  

Potential customers will also be happy to learn that they offer two free company formation packages which is a unique trait in this niche. As a result, it is safe to say that the value for money when it comes to this company is quite high. 

The Company Warehouse Reviews From Customers:

Great that you can get a company registered for free.
It took a few days but it is a easy service to use!

5-Star review from Kirsty Larcombe via Trustpilot

I thought they were very helpful with everything on the phone explained everything to me that I needed to no a great help.

5-Star review from Edward McCarthy via Trustpilot

The Advantages

Advantages of The Company Warehouse

Let’s use this The Company Warehouse review to sum up the pros and cons of choosing them as your business partner for a clear and objective look. 

A very large number of packages 

The Company Warehouse offers 3 basic and standard company formation packages that you can look at if you want to set up a limited company.

However, if your needs are greater than that you can also check out their other bundles and packages which are grouped into different categories. They offer formation packages for everything from sole traders to charity organisations and nonprofits. As a result, it is most likely that your needs will be met. 

A wide range of additional services 

This formations agent can offer a very large number of extra services. They range from traditional ones such as business services, accountancy services, and domain names to new and unique offers such as social media, SEO, logo design and branding, as well as email services. 

Very low prices 

Most of the packages that The Company Warehouse offers have some of the low prices on the market. The cheapest bundle they have in place costs £9.99. This means that their prices are very budget friendly and will be accessible to every type of the business owner including sole traders and startups.  

They offer free formations packages 

One of the most special traits of The Company Warehouse is the fact that they offer two completely free company formation packages. They are the sole trader registration package and the free company formation package.

There are no hidden fees and no VAT to be paid. As a result, if you are on a very tight budget but you do want to start setting up your own company this might be the solution for you.

The Disadvantages

Since this is a fair and objective review of The Company Warehouse, let’s also take a look at the cons of working with this formation agent. 

Too many formations packages 

As usual, there can be too much of a good thing sometimes. This might be the case with the high number of formations packages that this agent has to offer. Despite the fact that they are priced very low and seem very straightforward, there are simply too many and might get extremely confusing for first time users. 


The Company Warehouse is a special formations agent on the British market in that, according to them, it is the only one which offers free company formations packages. 

Not only that but as this The Company Warehouse review has shown they also have some of the lowest prices on the market, as well as a very wide range of additional services to choose from. All of these details make it very easy to understand why customers might want to choose The Company Warehouse

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