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Squarespace Reviews

Overall Rating:


Ease Of Use = 8.6

Value For Money = 9.5

Customer Support = 8.1

Services Offered = 9.4


  • Some stunning design templates to choose from for a quick start
  • Platform really comes into it’s own if you want to start a blog
  • There’s a really broad range of features to suit any business


  • Website editor could be a little more user-friendly
  • Those needing more complex websites may struggle
  • Websites built with Squarespace often have relatively slow page load speeds
Squarespace review – Setting up your own website can be a challenge for those with little experience and no real idea of what to do.

However, using a good website builder can help you to achieve your goal with ease – and without the expense of getting a professional website designer to sort it all out for you.

One of the website builder options that are available is Squarespace, and in this Squarespace review, we will look more closely at what it offers.

Looking at the features of this website builder tool makes it easier for you to make a more informed choice. So, take a look at what you can expect from this tool in our Squarespace review.  

At a Glance

When it comes to website builder tools, Squarespace has plenty to offer for those who are looking to create a basic but impressive website. 

It is not really suited to more complex websites, but for those that want a simple solution to create a simple website, this website builder could be ideal. As our Squarespace review shows, you can look forward to a host of features with this tool. It is also very easy to use.

There are many pros that you can look forward to including an impressive blogging tool and great service levels.

Of course, you need to consider the cons as well before you make your decision, and these are also outlined in this Squarespace review. So, read on to find out more about this website builder.  

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If you decide to use the Squarespace website builder, you can access a range of features that can help you to create a functional and attractive website.

Of course, you must keep in mind that this website builder is designed for more basic websites, so make sure you think about the type of site you need to create when looking for the ideal website builder. 

Squarespace review

As part of this Squarespace review, we have outlined some of the key features of the tool. These include:

Website Design Features

You will find plenty of great features when it comes to the design and appearance of your website. This includes customizable templates that have been created by web design professionals and will ensure your site looks slick, polished, and professional.

You can also benefit from customisable page and content layouts as well as pre-designed layouts for specific areas or pages of your site.

There are lots of design tools to choose from too, which means that you can add the right layout, colour, and fonts to your site as well as the perfect images and videos. Photo editing capabilities are built-in, so you can fine-tune your site with ease. 

There is also an integrated commenting system, custom CSS, and a useful design panel offering a range of tools that can help to make your site look unique and eye-catching. 

Security Features

Naturally, you want to ensure you have security on your site and that it can be accessed by the people you choose in terms of permissions. This is something that you can easily achieve with Squarespace, as it offers a range of access levels for your contributors.

So, you can give them selective permissions and access based on what they need to do. This includes access for admin, comment moderating, accounting, content editors, and more.

You can also benefit from password and page lock security measures, which can prove invaluable while the site is still under construction. You can also lock individual areas of the site to keep them private.

Responsive Site and Apps

Having a responsive website these days is vital, as so many people now go onto their mobile devices to browse sites and go online. Without a responsive site, you could lose out on a lot of website visitors as well as finding yourself penalised by major search engines.

All Squarespace websites include a responsive design that will ensure your site looks great no matter what sort of device it is accessed on. 

There are also various Squarespace apps, and you can use the mobile app no matter where you are in order to manage your site. The powerful app makes it easy to alter and edit your site while on the go, which means greater ease and convenience.

You can everything from add and edit images and content to editing blog posts and reviewing analytical information. 

Blogging Tools

One of the things that many people have been impressed with in various Squarespace reviews is the quality and capabilities of the blogging tools. Users can benefit from customizable layouts,

Markdown support, post scheduling, post publishing, Podcast support, the ability to save excerpts and source URLs with every post, and category and tag support.

There is also AMP integration to ensure the posts load quickly and effortlessly on mobile devices, as well as options for external links and customizable URLs. You can benefit from support for multiple authors, which is ideal for those with a number of contributors.

Portfolio Capabilities

When it comes to portfolios, there are various capabilities and features you can look forward to with Squarespace. You can easily add images to pages, posts, and galleries, as well as being able to add videos with speed and ease.

You can also add audio files to pages and posts. Drag and drop capabilities make it easier to organise images without any problems. Lightbox functionality is also included.

The Squarespace image editor makes it very simple to edit images via your browser, so you resize, crop, adjust, and rotate them quickly and conveniently. Other features you can look forward to are image focal point capabilities and image metadata imports. 

Squarespace features

Commerce Tools

For those who are selling products or services through their website, there are many great commerce tools that can be accessed. This is ideal for those who are selling goods and services, digital content, or subscriptions.

There are lots of organizational tools to ensure your store can be navigated with ease and drag and drop features to make the task far easier. 

Other features that are designed for commerce websites include product quick view features, product image zoom capabilities, automatic discount generation, inventory management, and the ability to show related products.

You can also benefit from order management tools, customizable checkout features, a mobile-optimised checkout facility, and a range of commerce marketing tools. 

Domain Options

When you have an annual Squarespace account, you get a free custom domain for the first year.

There are also hundreds of TLDs available to buy, and your domains can be registered quickly and easily to work with the Squarespace website. You can also connect the website to a domain you already purchased elsewhere.

All domains for Squarespace sites come with a free SSL certificate, which means that those visiting your site will be able to see right away that it is a secure one. You also get WHOIS privacy free of charge with all domains for Squarespace. 

Marketing Features

Naturally, marketing is a vital part of your website’s success, and you can access a range of marketing tools and services from Squarespace.

This includes email campaigns that can help to raise awareness of your business, newsletter blocks for sign-ups, social media connectivity, banners and promotions, and marketing extensions.

You can also access marketing analytics to help to manage your Key Performance Indicators and track things such as page views and unique visitor numbers. Other features include form blocks, custom favicon, and profiles. 

SEO Features

SEO is very important when it comes to the success of your website, and Squarespace aims to make it easy by providing a range of SEO integrated features.

Each website comes with a range of SEO features and tools to help optimise your site, and there are even guides to help you to make the most of SEO.

Moreover, you do not need additional plugins to benefit from SEO for your site. 

Among the SEO features that you can benefit from are image SEO, SEO title formats, indexed and searchable pages, automatic tagging, and more. So, with the suite of SEO features available from Squarespace you can make SEO implementation far easier. 

Connected Features

Social media connectivity is vital for all sites these days, and Squarespace provides a range of connected features. You can easily add social media platform icons to keep your website visitors connected.

You can also import content from social media platforms onto your site. You can even auto-post optimised and tagged content to your social media profiles through Squarespace authentication. 

Other features include Facebook page integration as well as the ability to download images from social platforms such as Instagram. 


Another thing you can benefit from is a range of analytical tools, which will enable you to perform a range of tasks. This includes looking at your website traffic, sales figures, unique visitor numbers, page views, and more.

This can help you to identify trends and make changes based on the information you get from viewing the analytical information. 

You can look forward to a range of tools and capabilities when it comes to analytics such as commerce, acquisition, and engagement analytics, among others. There is also an app that comes free of charge. 

Value For Money

Squarespace pricing

One thing that most people will be interested to learn is whether the Squarespace website builder offers value for money. Well, the good news is that there are various pricing options based on your needs, so you can get a good deal. This includes packages for personal, business, and commerce users. 

You can look forward to competitive monthly rates, and this includes a range of features for each plan.

Included in the price is around-the-clock customer support, and you can change or even cancel your plan whenever you like. If you prefer, you can also pay on an annual basis rather than monthly. 

Support Levels

A lot of Squarespace users have made positive comments about the level of customer support available. This support is on offer around the clock, so you will always be able to access assistance whenever you need it.

The support is also included with every Squarespace plan.

You can benefit from live chat support to help get problems resolved with speed and efficiency. If you prefer, you can email them, but the live chat offers a faster response. 

Squarespace Reviews From Customers:

Looking at reviews from other users can help you to make a more informed decision about whether Squarespace is the right website builder for you. So, as part of our Squarespace review, we also had a look at some reviews from other users. Some of the reviews online included:

“I just had a fabulous experience with SquareSpace customer service rep Sanjay. As a marketing specialist I have worked in WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace and Squarespace is by far my favourite.”Shae Sterrett

Pretty awesome, overall. Their customer support is amazing, I’m actually shocked to see the bad reviews on here which is why I’m taking the time to write this because I get way better chat support than through any other company.”Arizona

However, it is worth noting that there have been some negative reviews more recently. An example of this is:

“Overpriced and impractical. Promises to do great things but poor customisation. I paid for another month only last week but decided to alt my membership as I moved to Wix. Cancelling the membership took my website down straight away, with approximately three weeks left on the month! Squarespace did not have a warning sign for this when I hit cancel. Sells iron coated in gold.”Matt

The Advantages

Squarespace Advantages

There are lots of notable advantages that come with the Squarespace website builder. Some of these are:

  • Affordable pricing
  • A range of excellent features
  • Around the clock support

You can also benefit from a platform that many have found to be pretty easy to use. 

The Disadvantages

It is also important to consider the disadvantages in this Squarespace review, some of which are:

  • Some recent reviews are not great
  • Designed for basic websites
  • The editor is not very user-friendly

So, make sure you also consider the downside of this website builder before you make your decision.


In summary, the Squarespace website builder is a solid choice for basic websites. It comes at an affordable price, and you can access a range of tools and features from Squarespace.

However, as mentioned in our Squarespace review, there are some disadvantages you need to consider, and it is really designed for basic websites. 

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