What Address Can I Use For My Business?

What Address Can I Use For My Business_

Running a business from home? Don’t want personal information on your company records? Not sure which address to use? This guide will answer all questions like what address can I use for my business and more.

Repayment Terms For Covid Loans To Be Extended

Businesses are to be given more time to repay Covid loans, as the chancellor announces options to delay the first payment for six months and make repayments over 10 years. Firms struggling to keep afloat during the pandemic are to be given more time to make the first repayment on government support loans. Rishi Sunak … Read more

Brexit ‘Teething Problems’ Could Ruin UK Businesses

Cross-channel businesses say ease of trading is the key measure of the success of Brexit, not the lack of lorry traffic on the roads in Kent. The trade deal was hailed as an agreement that would ensure tariff-free access to the EU and that ‘sunlit uplands’ would follow ‘initial disruption’ to trade. But one month … Read more

SMEs Face Looming Tax Hammer Blow

Thousands of small business owners are at breaking point due to months of lockdown, restricted trading and money spent on anti-Covid measures. For many, however, next Sunday’s tax payment deadline could be the final straw. Costs such as rent, rates, mortgages, utility bills and leases have all still had to be paid, while income has … Read more

SMEs Win Payouts After Supreme Court Victory

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses forced to close during the Covid-19 pandemic can expect to receive payouts on insurance claims worth more than £1bn. After what was descibed as a ‘historic victory’ at the supreme court last week, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which brought the test case, said it would now be working … Read more

Govt Offers Firms New Payments To Stay Afloat

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has promised businesses operating in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors that they will receive new payments to help them keep afloat until spring. The Treasury has said the payments will be worth up to £9,000 per property as Mr Sunak is ‘committed to protecting jobs and supporting businesses’. Industry groups, although … Read more

UK Economic Outlook Gloomy As Covid Surges

Unprecedented numbers of coronavirus infections and more stringent restrictions mean the UK economy begins 2021 in a weak position. As unemployment rises, new lockdown rules impact the economic outlook, reducing the chances of a rapid recovery from the country’s worst recession in 300 years and limiting the prospect of growth. There had been hopes that … Read more

Can I Refuse To Pay An Invoice?

Can I Refuse To Pay An Invoice?

Got an invoice that you don’t believe you should pay? Find out on what grounds you can refuse to pay an invoice in this guide to invoicing.