How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure When Starting A Business

How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure When Starting A Business

The fear of failure is, unfortunately, a very common occurrence that can prevent a lot of us from taking risks, trying new things, and achieving our goals. Although it might come across as a way to protect yourself, ultimately, this fear holds you back – particularly if you’re trying to start a business. Wouldn’t it be … Read more

Start-up Business Boom Being Experienced in Scotland

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Over recent years, the UK has seen a boom in start up businesses in many areas, with a rising number of people taking the plunge and starting their own ventures in the face of a difficult and challenging employment market. This has led to a sharp increase in the number of start up businesses around … Read more

Start up Businesses Increase Due to Youth Unemployment

Youth Unemployment Leading To Growth In Startups

Over recent years the financial climate and fragile economy has resulted in a wave of employment issues, which includes youth unemployment as well as increased redundancies amongst those who once thought they were in a secure job. The upshot of this situation is that a rising number of people are now considering starting their own … Read more

Small Business Start-Ups Booming in Liverpool

Liverpool Startups

Over recent years, the number of small start-up businesses springing up across the country has rocketed. Various government schemes and incentives coupled with increased resources and information have all helped to boost start-up businesses numbers across the UK. According to recent reports Liverpool in particular seems to be flourishing when it comes to small business … Read more

Government Backed Business Tour to Encourage Growth Amongst Start-Ups

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Small businesses and start ups across the UK will be receiving support and encouragement to assist their growth thanks to a government backed road show that will take place over the course of this year. The Get Growing! The Great British Business Roadshow will be heading out to close to a dozen cities over the … Read more

Business Start Up Schemes: Lack of Awareness Stunts Business Growth

UK parliament

Over the past few years, the UK government has introduced a range of initiatives to aid the development of small businesses, which in turn could help to aid the growth of the economy. With everything from free workshops and mentoring through to funding schemes for entrepreneurs, the government has found a wide range of business … Read more

Small Business Growth Has Fallen In Last 10 Years

Small Business Growth Has Fallen In Last 10 Years

7 February 2024 – Small business growth in the UK has stunted over the past decade, new research has shown. The Enterprise Research Centre‘s (ERC) comprehensive report compiled data from ERC studies and other secondary sources. It turns out the last ten years were a period of challenges for small businesses in the UK.  Based … Read more