Small Businesses Steer Clear of Bank Borrowing

In years gone by, one of the main forms of funding for small businesses was bank credit.

This was not only to help small businesses get off the ground as start ups but also to help them to grow and flourish through increased financial investment.

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Small UK Businesses Now Able to Advertise on Twitter

Businesses Advertising On Twitter

Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK face a huge challenge when it comes to competing against large corporate rivals.

Often, the hurdles that they face are down to budget and lack of money to market and advertise, which is something their larger competitors do not tend to struggle with.

However, in today’s age of social networking and media, a new platform has been opened up for smaller businesses that want to advertise on Twitter.

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SetupaCompany Review

SetUpACompany review

Overall Rating: 9.0 Ease Of Use = 8.7 Value For Money = 8.5 Customer Support = 9.3 Services Offered = 9.5 PROS: Free one month accountancy trial Company bank account + cashback Formations completed within 48 hours CONS: Long wait to claim cashback Too many packages to choose from SetupaCompany is a company formation agent … Read more

Small Businesses Crucial in Bid to Increase Foreign Trade

The government has been quite vocal about the fact that, as part of its drive to improve the British economy, it plans to focus on increasing UK exports over the coming years.

In fact, ministers have said that by 2020 they hope to have doubled UK exports by securing higher levels of foreign trade.

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