Fraudsters Get Off Scot-Free In Epidemic Of Scams

Why it is crucial that the new online safety bill to be presented to parliament next week includes criminal activity such as fraud, scams and con adverts. Scams are sadly a daily hazard of modern life: the email about a puzzling DHL parcel that couldn’t be delivered; the text message from HMRC concerning a Covid-19 … Read more

Charities Warn Of Danger Of Buy-Now-Pay-Later Debt

A group of charities has sounded a warning over the increasing use of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) platforms to buy goods. Citizens Advice (CA), a network of legal, financial and consumer groups, has said many users are getting into debt and finding it difficult to buy food and pay bills. BNPL is especially popular in some high … Read more

Empty High Street Branches Should Become Banking Hubs

Just under half of all the UK’s high street banks could close by the end of the year, prompting calls to turn empty branches into hubs shared by banks. Even though 81pc believe that trust is the ‘most important factor in their purchasing journey’, 76pc say they lack confidence in using their banking services online, … Read more

Banks Set To Call In Billions In Repayments Of Covid Loans

The UK’s largest lenders are preparing to collect billions of pounds in repayments of emergency loans amid rising concerns that firms could be strongarmed into making repayments. While banks are busy assigning hundreds of employees to be the driving force behind the recovery efforts, bosses have conducted regular talks with the Treasury to finalise plans. … Read more

Small Banks Have The Most Satisfied Customers

As the banks have reduced branch opening hours over the last 12 months and often employed fewer staff, dealing with customer complaints and queries has been a major challenge for them. But some have managed much better than others. The latest analysis of feedback and complaints data carried out by consumer website Fairer Finance shows … Read more

£1bn Available In Tax Relief For Struggling Self-Employed

Hundreds of thousands of small business owners who have lost money during the pandemic crisis will be able to claim more than £1bn in tax relief to help mitigate losses. The Government announced an emergency extension to ‘loss carry back’ rules in the Budget at the start of the month. The move will enable businesses … Read more

Collapse Of Trade With EU To Continue ‘Into Summer’

Industry groups have warned the collapse of the UK’s trade with the EU will continue into the summer following the failure to recruit as many as 30,000 customs agents, despite government assurances that normal service has resumed. Delays and confusion at Britain’s ports, resulting in 40pc of lorries crossing the Channel with empty containers, threatens … Read more

How To Claim The Fourth SEISS Grant

HMRC has emailed thousands of freelancers to explain how the fourth Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant will work and how to apply. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced details of the grant in Wednesday’s Budget. The tax office is contacting workers who may be eligible for the fourth SEISS grant from mid-April to explain how they … Read more

Sunak’s £5bn Plan To Save Businesses From Collapse

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is to offer 700,000 shops, pubs, hotels, restaurants and other businesses, grants of up to £18,000 each as part of a £5bn rescue scheme to prevent mass bankruptcies. As companies struggle to withstand the latest Covid19 lockdown in a strong enough position to reopen, the plan to be announced in Wednesday’s budget … Read more

Tax Rises Deferred In Budget For New Covid Support

Government sources have confirmed Rishi Sunak’s March budget will feature a new Covid rescue support package involving the deferral of plans for significant tax increases in favour of a cautious approach to reopening the economy. The prime minister indicated on Wednesday that the Government would adopt a measured plan of action towards reopening hospitality, which … Read more