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Problems with Suppliers Costing UK Businesses Billions

For most business these days, particularly smaller businesses, being able to cut back on unnecessary costs has become vital due to the tough financial and economic climate.

However, according to a recent report many firms are losing huge amounts of money as a result of problems with suppliers. In fact, it is claimed that resolving problems with suppliers is costing companies in the UK in excess of £10 billion every year – money that businesses, especially small ones, cannot afford to lose.

photo by: Digital Sextant

Essential Business Stationery For Startups

Starting a business generally involves getting essential business stationery.

Even with more content going to the digital/paperless medium, there is still a strong need for printed materials, even for companies who are just starting out.

Of course, finding an affordable solution for these printing needs is very important. Most companies don’t have capital just laying around to blow on big printing costs, which is why finding a professional, yet reasonably priced service could make a big difference for the bottom line.